21 Jobs Suitable for People With Disabilities

jobs suitable for people with disabilities

What Job Can a Disabled Person Do From Home? 

As the pandemic convinced more employers to consider offering remote work options, it has increased jobs for disabled people. According to a study by The Economic Innovation Group, employment for people with disabilities is now higher than it was pre-pandemic and the highest since the Great Recession. The research found that employers are more likely to employ people with disabilities in their prime working years, aged 25 to 54, than before the pandemic. 

In this post, we have compiled a list of 21 online jobs for disabled people. Some of the jobs on this list are high-paying, too, emphasizing that you should not have limits in your aspirations just because you have a disability.

21 Jobs For Those With a Disability 

We have categorized these jobs into five categories so that you can find the perfect job for you.

Visually Impaired

1. Researcher 

If you are adept at taking notes, have attention to detail, great time management, and excellent communication skills, then becoming a researcher may be a great choice. 

Researchers are hired by organizations to conduct market research in specific sectors. You do need to possess a degree to get started in this job. Plus, this is one of the highest-paying remote jobs for disabled people. 

Potential salary: $85,769 per year

2. Bookkeeper

Compared to most jobs on this list, you don’t need a degree to become a bookkeeper. Most employers will only require a high school degree or GED to consider you for this role – making it one of the easy jobs for disabled adults. 

Your responsibilities will vary based on the company you work for, but they mainly involve tracking financial transactions and balancing the books.

Potential salary: $45,960 per year

3. Counsellor

As a counselor, you can use your experience to help people deal with their interpersonal issues – all remotely. You may counsel individuals on matters ranging from financial woes to relationship problems (depending on your area of expertise). 

This is a great career option if you are passionate about helping others and are skilled at listening. 

Potential salary: $45,800 per year

4. Call Center Agent

Do you have your way with words? Do you like to talk with people over the phone? Consider becoming a call center agent. You will be responsible for answering customer queries and providing technical support to clients over the phone. It could be one of the best jobs for disabled people because most call center agents work from home. 

You only need a phone, a computer, a reliable internet connection, and a positive attitude to get started in this role.

Potential salary: $35,000 per year

5. Voice-over Artist

Do you have a melodious voice? Do you like to narrate stories? If you answered yes, to both questions, why not consider becoming a voice-over artist? As a voice-over artist, you will help businesses, organizations, and individuals explain their services and products in commercials and on their websites. You will record audio works like presentations and scripts and help clients present their ideas effectively to their customers and the public. 

Among the equipment you’ll need to do your job is a computer, microphone, software for recording and editing audio works, and a pair of headphones.

Potential salary: $58,364 per yea

Limited Mobility

6. Actuary

Speaking of high-paying careers for disabled adults, becoming an Actuary is also a viable choice. An Actuary makes financial recommendations for clients based on their risk exposure and financial requirements. 

All you’ll need to do is earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Science from a university or a professional certification to kick-start your career as an Actuarial.

Potential salary: $111,950 per year

7. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers help bring ideas to life through design. You will work with a team to create advertisements for web pages, magazines, newspapers, or billboards. You will help organizations communicate and connect with their customers visually. 

So if you have the chops for design and think creatively, becoming a graphic designer is a great work-from-home job for disabled people.

Potential salary: $48,935 per year

8. Marketing Specialist

Another sit-down job for disabled people that pays well is marketing specialist. This remote role involves overseeing clients’ online and digital marketing campaigns. 

You will manage campaigns using platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram to reach wider audiences and potential customers. Having prior experience in a similar job is an asset but not necessary. 

Potential salary: $110,000 per year

9. Virtual Assistant

One of the best jobs for disabled people and anyone is as a virtual assistant. This job requires little to no investment and effort, and the potential to earn a decent living is unlimited if you have the necessary skills. 

As a virtual assistant, your job is to improve the lives of entrepreneurs or coaches by taking care of administrative tasks like bookkeeping and correspondence. You work remotely and can set your schedule. And if you have advanced skills like graphic design, Photoshop, or video editing, even better.

Potential salary: $45,000 per year

Speech Impairments

10. Writer/Editor/Proofreader

One of the benefits of being a writer, editor, or proofreader is that you can work full-time or part-time. You can work as a freelance and be your own boss or work for an established company as a salaried employee. 

Your writing responsibilities depend on your writing type but usually involve researching content ideas, conducting interviews, and writing and editing content.

Potential salary: $44,000 to $117,000 per year

11. Social Media Manager 

Social media management is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world right now. This is because most people are active on several social media platforms. In fact, there are over 2.9 billion active social media users monthly, so if you have a way with words and like to work on social media, becoming a social media manager is a great career option. 

You will be helping an organization manage its social media accounts and provide strategic consultation on the best approach to use with the target audience.

Potential salary: $53,060 per year

12. Web Designer

A web designer creates websites for businesses and organizations. They collaborate with other team members to design and develop attractive client websites. To become a web designer, you need to possess strong technical skills like HTML and CSS and a creative eye to create stunning websites for clients. You will also work closely with clients to assess their requirements and design an effective website. 

If you have an eye for design and are passionate about creating beautiful websites, becoming a web designer may be the perfect job.

Potential salary: $58,000 to $88,000 per year

13. Data Entry Clerk

Among the easy jobs for disabled people is becoming a data entry clerk. This job only requires you to have a high school diploma or an equivalent GED in order to secure employment. 

You will also need excellent communication skills, fast typing, and accuracy in your data entry duties. Data entry clerks usually make between $16 to $20 an hour and are responsible for entering data like names, addresses, and phone numbers into databases.

Potential salary: $33,000 per year

Hearing Impairments

14. Paralegal

With technological advancement, many law firms are now hiring paralegals to work from home. You will support attorneys on various aspects of their law cases, such as researching laws and regulations or helping to write documents. It also entails ensuring that all legal correspondence is handled properly in accordance with state and federal regulations. 

Potential salary: $57,592 per year

15. UX Designer

A UX Designer plays an important role in the development of websites, applications, and other digital products. They strive to create something that is easy to use and enjoyable enough so that people keep coming back. 

You’ll work closely with developers’ teams to ensure the product meets user needs. This involves technical knowledge and psychology, as they must understand how users interact with digital products to create a seamless experience. 

UX Designers also ensure that all aspects of the website or application are intuitive and visually appealing, from design elements such as fonts, colors and images, to navigation menus and page structure.

Potential salary: $97,460 a year

16. Data Analyst

A Data Analyst’s primary duty is to identify data trends across industries. You’ll uncover valuable insights about customer behavior, market conditions, and more using advanced statistical techniques. 

Then you will use these findings to recommend strategies that can help improve operations or boost revenue for the business. 

Also, a data analyst may generate reports on various topics to give higher management an overview of their company’s performance relative to competitors or within their industry.

Potential salary: $65,470 per year

17. Accountant

Becoming an accountant may be the perfect remote job if you are good with numbers and enjoy working with numbers. An accountant prepares financial statements, tax returns, and other reports for businesses and organizations. 

They also advise their clients on financial planning and investment strategies. 

Potential salary: $55,20 per year

Anxiety (Or Other Mental Difficulties)

18. Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is a remote worker that transcribes recorded audio materials into text documents. You will be primarily tasked with listening to audio recordings, taking down notes, and editing the recordings into text documents that are easy to understand. As a transcriptionist, you will need excellent listening skills and the ability to pay close attention to detail as you take down notes. 

Potential salary: $45,000 per year

19. Online Tutor

Different websites like Upwork, Tutor.com, and TutorVista offer online tutoring jobs to people who want to work from home. As a tutor, you’ll be required to teach students that have signed up online on different subjects like Math, English, Science, and others. 

You will need to have excellent academic skills for teaching and knowledge about the topic you’re teaching to perform well in this role. 

Potential salary: $30,886 per year

20. Computer Programmer

This is another sit-down job for disabled adults that involves designing new programs and applications, coding in different languages, and debugging existing code. You’ll also create user interfaces, test and document systems, and ensure the program runs smoothly. Computer programmers need to stay updated with the latest trends in technology to continue developing their skills.

Potential salary: $64,719 per year

21. Video Editor

The role of a video editor is to post-produce video projects. They manipulate raw footage from a shoot to create a desired look and feel. Therefore, they are an integral part of any video production crew. 

Video Editors work with footage from various sources – film, HD/SD tapes, digital cameras, and still images – to ensure that all audio and visual elements come together cohesively. You’ll use editing software to organize and arrange clips into a cohesive sequence, adding titles, transitions, graphics, and special effects. 

Potential salary: $46,274 per year

Where to Find Jobs for Disabled People?

You can find work on regular job boards like Indeed, FlexJobs; We Work Remotely, Glassdoor, etc. However, some platforms cater to disabled people specifically – such as:

  • DisabledPerson
  • CareerCast Disability Network
  • Enable America
  • Ability Jobs
  • Disability Job Exchange
  • Ability Links
  • The Sierra Group: RecruitDisability.org

Frequently Asked Questions About Jobs for Disabled People

According to 101mobility.com, the companies that hire the most disabled people are:

IBM Corporation
Proctor and Gamble
Cisco Systems
S. C. Johnson
Ernst & Young

What is the easiest job for a disabled person?

The easiest jobs for disabled adults include data entry clerk, virtual assistant, call-center agent, social media manager, bookkeeper, and writer/editor/proofreader. These jobs are easy to do remotely as long as you have reliable internet connections and the necessary equipment to perform your tasks efficiently. 

Final Words

Thanks to the rise of remote work, jobs for disabled people rapidly expand, and finding the right job is easier than ever. Finding a job you’ll love and can afford is possible! You can find a great remote job with the right attitude and patience! Our list of 15 work-from-home jobs for disabled people is just a start; there are dozens of jobs for disabled people – you just need to know where to look.


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