Combat Work-from-Home Weight Gain: Prioritize Quality Nutrition 

WFH weight gain

While working from home comes with loads of benefits, it’s also a major change in terms of daily physical activity. You’re no longer rushing out the door in the morning to try to catch the bus, and you don’t have to run around all day long from meetings to clients and vice versa. As a result, you might be dealing with some work from home weight gain.

According to the American Psychological Association, around 42% of U.S. adults reported unwanted weight gain since transferring to work-from-home. This underscores how our home offices – while convenient – might be silently nudging us toward a more sedentary life.

But here’s the upside: working remotely means having full access to your kitchen and control over your meals. And you’ve got time back from commuting that you can use to stay active.

Let’s have a look at how you can tackle those extra pounds and get back in shape so that you can live a healthier, happier life!

WFH weight gain

3 Practical Ways to Beat WFH Weight Gain

1. Use Your Newly-Gained Freedom for Good

Having your office close to your bed and your kitchen means you no longer have to waste hours in traffic to and from work. It also means you can avoid eating your takeout lunch at your desk, with one eye on the computer screen and one hand on the mouse.

Why not use this newfound freedom to curate your culinary experience and trim down some of those bad eating habits?

Now, just because you’re working from home, it doesn’t mean you have all the time in the world. Lunch Break is still one hour, and you still have to be online and working when your shift starts. And just because you don’t have to walk to meetings and clients, it doesn’t mean they aren’t mentally draining.

The end of the work day may leave you drained of energy and without motivation to cook. If this is the case, you may want to try one of these two options: meal delivery services or meal prep. 

2. Meal Delivery Services

If you live in a big city like LA, you have access to a wide range of restaurants and eateries, but your monthly budget may suffer. On the other hand, if you live in a more rural area, your options may be quite limited when it comes to healthy food.

A ready-made meal delivery service like Factor can help you solve all those problems. Besides being cooked by chefs in collaboration with nutritionists, you can enjoy Factor’s prepared meals in LA and anywhere else in the continental U.S.

The meals arrive at your doorstep cooked and portioned according to your dietary preferences. One day, you can have Mediterranean food, the following day vegetarian, and the third day Asian. Or you can opt for Keto or High Protein meals. The options are always varied and cooked with in-season ingredients.

3. DIY Meal Prep

If you’d rather be in charge of recipe selection, shopping, and cooking, meal prep can help you save some time and a good chunk of your budget. 

With meal prep, you’re the chef, and you call the shots. From macro counts to flavor profiles, everything aligns perfectly with your dietary needs and palate preferences. Plus, buying ingredients in bulk and cooking at home can be substantially lighter on your wallet compared to ordering out or relying on pre-made meals. 

Still, while meal prep saves time during the week, it requires a dedicated block upfront which can intrude upon weekend relaxation or personal projects. It’s also quite easy to get into a meal rut, eating roasted chicken and brown rice ad nauseam. Lastly, prepared meals need space and Tupperware.

Combine Physical Activity With Quality Nutrition 

Just because you’re in the comfort of your home doesn’t mean you should sit around all day. Recent data shows that sitting for long hours can negatively impact your health.

This is why it’s smart to pair your newfound passion for nutrition with physical activity. You can start with simple commitments, like a brisk morning walk before logging on, a post-lunch stretch session, or an evening bike ride to decompress from the day.

The rewards extend beyond burning calories. Regular exercise from home boosts metabolism, which can enhance the effectiveness of a well-managed diet. It also clears the mind and elevates mood, which is vital when navigating the isolation that often accompanies remote work.

Wrap Up

Remote work lays the groundwork for healthier habits, allowing you to control your dietary choices and activity levels. Embrace this unique chance to fine-tune your nutrition and fitness routines on your terms. 

Your well-being is an investment – treat it with the same diligence you apply to your professional endeavors. Here’s to turning personal accountability into personal triumphs, one meal at a time!


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