10 Fun Remote Jobs That Pay Well 

fun remote jobs

When you think about remote jobs,  probably jobs like online tutoring or virtual assistance come to your mind. 

However, there are many companies out there that offer a number of fun and interesting remote positions. From virtual jurors to mobile notaries, there is no shortage of employment positions when it comes to working from home

Do you want to have a job that makes you look forward to every workday? Then, why don’t you explore the following fun remote jobs that pay well? 

Let’s get started.

Fun Remote Jobs To Apply To Right Away

1. Trivia Host

Trivia hosts are generally responsible for leading group activities that include employees, adults, teens, and even little kids. You have to engage the audience and the teams by asking them fun questions. Does this sound like something you would like to do? Then, why don’t you explore the positions open at Bundle Benefits?

It is an experience platform that allows users to participate in 1-on-1 group training sessions. These are held for many reasons, such as engagement, productivity, and well-being. It also helps that Trivia Hosts earn around $40,000 per year. 

2. Virtual Friend

Have you ever been told what a wonderful friend you are? Then why don’t you channel that trait into a remote job at FriendPC or Rent a Friend and get paid between $5 and $25 per hour?

It may sound too good to be true, but there are many platforms out there where people are paid to be a friend. These platforms are especially popular with people who struggle to interact face-to-face.

As a virtual friend, you may be required to perform a number of tasks, such as chatting on the phone or even meeting with a customer and showing them around the city. The best part about being a virtual friend is that you get to choose the tasks that you have the capacity to help with. 

3. Texting

At first glance, you may be confused because who gets paid simply for texting? Believe it or not, texting is one of the best fun remote jobs you can find, which can pay $3,500 per month. If you enjoy spending time glued to your phone, then this could be the side hustle that you are looking for.

There are many companies out there that want to hire people to receive and reply to texts. These include ChatOperatorJobs and The Chat Shop. The pay at these companies will vary, depending on the number of texts sent, but you may also get paid on an hourly basis. 

4. Customer Happiness Officer

A customer happiness officer is responsible for making people happy, which is essentially the job of a customer service representative. But this is one of those fun remote jobs that allow you to ensure that a customer does not only have a good experience with a business but is happy about it too. 

This remote position requires you to be a helpful, chatty, and happy team member. This is exactly what Glassdoor is looking for. So, why don’t you shoot your shot if you think you are perfect for this role and make somewhere around $48,000 annually?

5. Audiobook Narrator

The Audio Publishers Association revealed that its annual sales made $1.6 billion worth of sales in 2021. This goes to show that audiobooks are quite popular. If you are a bookworm and have a powerful voice, this is one of the top fun remote jobs that you could apply for and make $10 to $100 per hour.

All you need to be an audiobook narrator are headphones, a laptop, a quiet space, and a microphone to record. Then, just articulate the words clearly and bring the characters to life with your voice!

If you want to benefit from this fun opportunity, you can apply for this remote position at Brilliance Publishing, Bunny Studio, and ACX.

6. Travel Consultant

Are you one of those people who dream of traveling around the world one day? If you enthusiastically nodded your head yes, this job will be right up your alley. As a travel consultant, you will be able to help people plan their vacations.

This means that you can suggest the flights and the best hotels to them. You can also tell them which local attractions they should visit and which restaurants they are bound to love. 

If this sounds fun to you, you can apply to AllTrails or ADTRAV Travel Management as a travel consultant. You can also plan your own vacation, given that you will be earning around $50,000 per month in salary.

7. Virtual Fitness Coach

Are you someone who is full of energy and likes to work out at the gym? Then, why don’t you apply for the position of virtual fitness coach at TrueCoach or Trainerize? You can tell your students about the difference between a bicep and a hamstring curl. 

Much like trainers in the gym, virtual fitness professionals design special programs to help their trainees achieve their fitness goals. You are also likely to earn a monthly salary of $6,500.

8. Virtual Concierge

A virtual concierge helps hotel guests make bookings and reservations and arrange transportation. You can apply to Capitol Concierge and give suggestions for the best places to eat or visit, and make around $35,000 per month once you get hired. 

9. Answering Questions

Are you an expert in a particular subject? Well, why don’t you put your knowledge to good use and help others learn about new stuff too? All you need to do is apply to remote job openings at StudyPool, Experts123, or PrestoExperts and answer questions. 

If you leave good quality answers, you can earn decent compensation of $7,500 per month. 

10. Website Testing

If testing games are not your thing, why don’t you test out websites? It is one of the best fun remote jobs, which involves you scrolling through websites and performing simple tasks. This enables companies to improve customer experience. 

In order to excel at this job, you need a laptop with excellent internet speed and basic knowledge of the internet. It also helps to have a microphone handy. Feel free to drop your resume at Userlytics or UserTesting to land this job. The best part is that you can easily earn a competitive salary of $51,000 in a year!

Which Fun Remote Jobs Right For You?

There are a number of fun remote jobs out there, and while not all of them will be right for you, you can apply to those that match your skill set. 

The list above can help you seek jobs that suit your abilities and lifestyle. Do not forget to check out the companies mentioned and keep an eye on their job openings. 

Happy applying!

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