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What a beautiful age in time for digital nomads! We’re amidst an employee-driven shift to location independence, and digital nomad companies are heeding these trends. Gone are the days when you shaped your life around your career. It’s time to take the reins of your life and shape your career around it. 

The best digital nomad companies have flexible schedules, provide ample time for travel, and allow you to unplug when needed. The good news is that many companies today are moving to remote work and adapting to flexible schedules. These companies put work-life balance at the center stage. 

If you’re on the lookout for companies for digital nomads, you’re in the right place. This post gives you a list of companies that hire remote workers and respect work-life balance. But first, let’s look at the most common digital nomad jobs.

What Are The Most Common Digital Nomad Jobs?

Today most knowledge sector jobs are remote jobs. Here are the top 5 jobs for travelers. 

1. Computer Programmer

A computer programmer builds, debugs, and maintains the software, applications, and others. If you’re proficient in coding, you can consider a career in software.

2. Virtual Assistant

If you’re looking for an entry to remote work as a beginner in the workforce, consider becoming a virtual assistant. Your responsibilities will include: 

  • Organizing meetings and travels.
  • Providing customer service.
  • Managing contact lists.
  • Creating SEO-friendly content. 

3. Content Writer

Every company needs to have an online presence. Most are in the form of websites and blogs. As a content writer, you’d cater to the writing needs of your companies. You’ll be responsible for creating informative content that search engines can find.

4. Graphic Designer

YouTube channels, websites, blogs, and everything online must be visually appealing. As a graphic designer, you’ll be responsible for creating thumbnails and infographics to complement the content. 

5. Social Media Manager

Most companies need to increase their online visibility. As a social media manager, you’ll act as the face of the company by interacting with people, using visual strategies to attract people, and posting company developments. 

Apart from the above 5, there are many opportunities for video creators, online language teachers, customer service executives, and others. 

While freelancing offers the best flexibility to travelers, some companies have equally flexible schedules.

Top 10 Companies For Digital Nomads

As we said, companies that respect team members’ work-life balance are the ones that are ideal for digital nomads. 

Here’s a list of 10 companies that facilitate digital nomadism: 

1. GitHub

digital nomad companies

GitHub is an open-source code-hosting platform that helps developers to work together and solve problems. 

It is a remote-first company and allows employees the freedom to work from anywhere. While the company has a great workplace in San Francisco, most employees work from home or around the world. The company boasts of diversity in its talent pool and rich culture. 

GitHub offers flexible schedules, life insurance, fertility benefits, health savings account and other benefits. 

2. American Express   

digital nomad companies

American Express is a famous financial services company that hosts credit card and debit card networks, banking services, insurance, and other financial devices. 

The company has recently decided to respond to the employee demand to work remotely and allowed employees to continue working from anywhere. It has also expressed its willingness to offer hybrid work flexibility to most of its workforce. 

American Express allows employees with flexible schedules, hybrid options, life insurance, plenty of paid leave, options to take a sabbatical and other benefits.

3. GoDaddy

digital nomad companies

GoDaddy is a content management system that helps businesses and individuals host websites. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, GoDaddy has moved most of its operations to virtual space. It has begun recruiting talent online and provides numerous WFH benefits. 

They also have gym reimbursements, optional yoga and wellness classes, time for travel and various other benefits for remote workers.

4. Loom

digital nomad companies

Loom is a messaging application that helps workplaces stay connected while working remotely. It allows team members to record video messages, enabling more accessible and faster communication. 

As a product, Loom was built to encourage remote work. Sticking close to its principles, Loom aims to separate work from specific locations.

Loom firmly believes in giving the best benefits to its remote workers. With home-office stipend, programs to maintain good physical and mental health, insurance policies and other benefits, makes Loom a perfect all- remote company. 

5. HubSpot

digital nomad companies

HubSpot is an internet marketing company with software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. They also have an upskilling platform called the HubSpot academy, which hosts many certified courses. 

 Hubspot quickly moved to remote work by putting their team members’ needs at the center stage. They boast of a thriving remote workforce- a closely knit community. In January 2021, Hubspot released a new vision for work, where employees have the choice of workplace.

Hubspot has paid parental leaves, options to take sabbaticals, tuitions, fitness and mental health programmes for its employees.

6. Tyk

digital nomad companies

Tyk is a SaaS company that focuses on API lifecycle management, with a “mission to connect every system of the world.” It offers an API management platform with an API gateway, API analytics, Developer portal, and API management dashboard. 

It is a remote-first start-up and believes that productive work does not just happen in the office but can happen anywhere in the world. It allows its employees to travel or work from home. Their website boasts of ‘Tyklings’ working from beachsides, poolsides, and other places. 

Tyk allows its employees to to fix their own schedules, helping maximize their family time and increase work productivity. They also offer WFH benefits and time to travel if you’re a digital nomad. 

7. Slate

digital nomad companies

Slate is a content creation platform for brands on social media. They help content creators build professional content for any business on the phone. 

Slate is a remote-first workplace and encourages its employees to work from anywhere. They have remote workers across 11 countries and various time zones. They firmly believe that remote work increases productivity and inflow of ideas. 

8. Bitfinex

digital nomad companies

Bitfinex is a cryptocurrency trading platform that believes in democratizing trading. Founded in 2012, it has considerable experience in the Crypto space. It has constantly evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry. 

Bitfinex has team members across Asia, Europe, and North and South America. The diversity of talent helps the company with innovative ideas.

Bitfinex recognizes individual differences and honors both early birds and night owls. You can select your preferred time of work. It also offers numerous WFH benefits to facilitate remote work, apart from insurance and paid leave.

9. BigBinary

digital nomad companies

BigBinary builds web and mobile applications. They build apps for a list of top companies ranging from ed-tech to logistics. They work with both start-ups and grown-ups. 

BigBinary believes in hiring people remotely to acquire the best talent globally. They welcome anyone who wants to work remotely into their team. 

They have insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and a vacation policy. They believe that remote work is the future.

10. Maze

digital nomad companies

The maze helps product design teams in businesses to have easy access to user data. It helps with product research and user feedback on prototypes. 

Maze has a fully remote team spread over 35+ countries. They believe that productivity and teamwork are independent and not limited to a particular geographic location. The diversity of their workforce adds to the talent pool. 

Maze offers life and disability benefits, healthcare benefits, time-offs, parental leaves, tech perks and many more. 

Now that you have ten options, you probably want to find the best places to work as a remote worker. 

Where Can You Work As a Digital Nomad?

With many firms moving to a fully remote or a hybrid setup, nations and cities are cashing in on this opportunity to host digital nomads. Many cities in Southeast Europe- Athens, Bucharest, Belgrade, and others, are emerging as top destinations for Digital nomads. Within the US, cities such as WashingtonDC are proving to be a haven for remote workers. Countries like Dubai, Portugal, Brazil, and many others have developed dedicated digital nomad visas making it easy for remote workers.

Numerous digital nomad villages like Madeira in Portugal and Brazil have popped up to make things easier. Albania is even launching the world’s first digital nomad festival. 

So, Which Is The Best Company?

The Best companies help make a seamless transition between work and leisure. They recognize that relaxation is as important as work. Location independence and time- flexibility is part of their culture. 


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