8 Companies Hiring Part Time Employees 100% Remotely 

Where Should I Search For A Perfect Online Part Time Job?

Online part-time jobs are the perfect way to balance work and other responsibilities, whether that’s child care, looking after elderly family members, or just making sure that you take some time out to enjoy life. 

As companies are increasingly tapping into the remote work market, finding part-time online jobs is easier than ever.  

Best Part-time Work From Home Companies 

These are some of the companies that are currently hiring for remote part time jobs.

1. Bustle Digital Group – TV & Movies Writer

Do you have a passion for Marvel, Star Wars, and DC? If you do, and you can write two articles a day on the news and lore of these and similar shows then you might enjoy this part-time role with Bustle.

2. Cignition – Maths Tutor

Have you got a passion for maths and the ability to teach it to K12 students? If so, Cignition have students across the country who need your help. You’ll need to be able to commit to regular sessions that are 30-60 minutes long on a weekly basis and have a bachelor’s degree.

3. Grace Media – Customer Service Advisor

With shifts from 8am til Midnight, Monday-Sunday, this busy customer service role sees you fielding enquiries from customers via email, chat, and phone. There aren’t many online weekend jobs, but customer service is around the clock!

4. Grand Canyon University – Reference Librarian

As  an experienced librarian with a degree,  this role will have you providing personalised assistance to students with the referencing of their work.

5. Kyla – Medical Doctor

This healthcare company are looking for medical doctor with an a4m fellowship to join them and consult on supporting people to live longer through supplements, OTC remedies and prescription medicine.

6. Purism – Packaging Developer (PureOS)

Developer roles were one of the first to really embrace remote working, so it’s no surprise there is one on this list. If you’re an expert at packaging apps (debs and flatpack) then Purism will want to hear from you.

7. Refugee Action – Project Worker

At 32 hours this is one of the more intensive remote part time jobs, but it’s a great opportunity for people who like to do good in the world as the charity helps support refugee and asylum seekers.

8. WeLocalize – Search Quality Rater

Work between 10 and 25 hours a week for this SEO company, supporting clients to rank well in search engines. Each rating should take less than a minute, and you will be quality checked to ensure you are doing a good job.

What Is The Best Online Job For Part-Time? 

That will depend on your skills and experience, but even if all you have is your laptop and a ‘can do’ attitude there are some great opportunities out there. We’ve done some deep dives into some remote part time jobs which includes what you need and where you can find the opportunities. Here are some suggestions:

1. Data Entry

Even in these days of Big Data and AI, companies still need actual human beings to enter data – and sometimes to gather it too. This is one of the 100% remote jobs. Read more in our guide:

💡Best Online Data Entry Jobs without Investment

2. Surveys and Microtasks

There are plenty of sites out there that offer you the chance to earn money by taking surveys, and if you’re looking for a part-time job with zero commitment that you could do while watching TV then that is definitely one to consider. Another is microtasks, carrying out small jobs like visiting a website and giving feedback for micropay. Read more in our guide:

💡 Earning Online with Microworkers

3. Transcription and Translation

If you have a good typing speed then transcription might be for you – you listen to audio and type what is said, or check the output from an automated transcription service and correct where it has gone wrong. If you speak more than one language then you can add translation to your CV and help translate from one to the other. Read more in our guides:

💡 14 Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners

4. Virtual Assistant

Like a PA, but you can work from home! You can work for a company, but this is also one of the freelance remote jobs that is gaining in popularity. From research to email management, social media to scheduling, a VA can do it all. Read more in our guide.

💡 10 Websites to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

5. Writing and Editing

If you’ve got good language skills then you can put them to good use as a writer, editor, or proof reader. You may need to build a portfolio to apply for some jobs, but other will test your skills and give you a change. Read more in our guides:

💡 Get Paid to Write – Online Writing Jobs That Actually Pay

No shortage of Online Part-time Jobs

We hope that this article shows you that whether you have a ton of skills and experience or you just have a laptop and good intentions, you can find online part-time jobs that suit your schedule. 

Freelance or employed, day time, evening, and weekends there is always someone looking to hire you somewhere around the globe!

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