18 Best Remote Jobs for Introverts in 2024

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As an introvert, I’ve always felt uneasy in loud and busy office environments, so more than 5 years ago, I decided to begin my search for jobs that could be done remotely, allowing me to embrace my introverted personality. To my surprise, I found lots of online jobs that are designed for introverts.

The possibility of being able to stay home with my kid or simply have a more comfortable working environment is something that has drawn me to these types of jobs. I have made the switch from a corporate job to a full-time SEO specialist and have found it to be an incredibly rewarding experience, and I’m sure you will find it, too.

So, if you are an introvert yourself, I have great news for you. You’re not alone! An estimated 50% of the population shares this trait, and there are many advantages associated with it, such as the ability to work better independently. This is what makes remote careers for introverts so beneficial.

Creative fields like writing, editing, photography, and art are ideal for introverted people since they require limited human interaction and do not cause too much anxiety. Additionally, technical jobs are also a great fit for the introvert in you, as we tend to be detail-oriented and quite tech-savvy.

As I see it, this is a major advantage of being an introvert in today’s workforce. Especially now, with remote work being on the rise, many companies offer excellent entry-level opportunities for introverts, even those without any prior experience.

So, what are the best work-from-home jobs for introverts for you to try in 2024? Here’s a list I put together for you to check, including my current remote job :)

remote jobs for introverts

5 Best Work-from-Home Jobs for Introverts with Anxiety

For introverts who suffer from anxiety, there is a multitude of high-paying online jobs from anywhere in the world that require minimal interaction and offer less stress.

Finding the right job for you can be difficult, but if you are an introvert with anxiety, there are plenty of positions that can help you avoid any feelings of uneasiness. Taking the time to read the job description carefully is key to finding a role that doesn’t involve too much social interaction.

It’s important to note that some positions may require you to collaborate with team members or involve a high-pressure environment, so be sure to take the necessary steps to identify a role that meets your personal needs.

Here are 5 careers you might consider:

1. Copywriter

If creativity defines you and you have a way with words, then you may want to explore the possibility of becoming a copywriter. As a remote copywriter, you can write for blogs, publish your ebook, and create compelling marketing materials, from emails to brochures. You can earn a good income and benefit from a flexible schedule.

Skills: Good written language skills, knowledge of basic digital marketing 

Average salary: $36 per hour (ZipRecruiter) 

2. Web Developer

Web developers create a website’s look and functionality. They design and build the code, layout, and navigation structure of the website and develop and maintain it.

As a web developer, you can work both in-house and remotely, offering a great job for people who are anxious about going into an office setting and can work independently.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python

Average salary: $70k per year

3. Data Scientist

Data scientists are big data wrangles that gather and analyze large sets of data. This role combines computer science, statistics, and mathematics. They explore, process, and model data, interpret the results and create actionable plans for companies and other organizations. 

​​Skills: Maths, logical analysis, methodical, organized

Average salary: Between $50,000-$70,000 per year (DataJobs)

4. Transcriptionist

Transcription means you’ll be listening to different audio and typing out what you hear. How much money you can earn will depend mainly on your skills, experience, and the type of language combinations you can offer—the higher the demand for the combination you provide and the better the salary. 

​​Skills: Good written and spoken English, rapid typing

Average salary: $18 per hour

5. Photographer

There is a huge demand for stock photos for use in social media graphics, with companies wanting to ensure that they don’t use the same images as others and look generic. While some of these do involve studio work, other images are of landscapes or inanimate objects, which minimizes the need for interaction.

​​Skills: Photography, photo editing

Average salary: $15-40 per hour

What are the High Paid Online Jobs for Introverts?

1. Book Keeping

You don’t need a bookkeeper qualification, as a bookkeeper is a different role from an accountant who gives advice, ensures legality, etc. A bookkeeper just needs to be detail-oriented and have a head for numbers.

Skills: Strong maths skills, spreadsheets

Average salary: $40,000 per year.

2. Virtual Assistant

Earning similar amounts to bookkeepers, a VA provides assistance services to individuals or businesses. Freelance VAs are a popular solution for small business owners who only need an hour or two a day of support, so this can be a varied role that involves email, phone calls, and other administrative tasks.

Skills: Time Management, IT skills, Communication skill

Average salary: $20 per hour

3. Graphic Designer

If you have a flair for visuals and the right tools, you can create compelling graphics for social media, help businesses with their branding, or add flair to a brochure or business proposal. 

Skills: Design, Adobe Photoshop/InDesign or similar

Average salary: $20 per hour

4. Dropshipping

If you have a keen eye for the next hot product, dropshipping could be for you. You choose the product, you market it, and other people fulfill it for you. Amazon is a popular site for drop shippers, but you do need to make sure you buy the right products and sell them at the right price. Otherwise, the sky is the limit for income on this.

Skills: Organization, eye for trends

Average salary: $45k per year

5. Search Engine Optimization Specialist

As both an art and a science, SEO is essential to the success of many online businesses. I started as a copywriter, and from learning the basics of SEO, I turned into a full-time SEO specialist within one year.

You will need to develop a comprehensive understanding of SEO best practices and apply them to optimize a website for search engine visibility. It’s a complex and fulfilling job if you ask me, and it can be done in flexible hours and with minimal interactions with teammates. If you want to get started, Ahrefs.com is a great resource for you to start your SEO journey. you’ll also find free courses on Hubspot.com, where you can get certified.

Skills: Knowledge of SEO, digital marketing, basic knowledge of CSS and HTML (for those interested in technical SEO)

Average salary: $55k

6. Freelancing

What skills do you have that other person will pay money for? Can you use them on a freelance basis? Accountancy, software development, voiceover actors, ghostwriting, and more are all potential earners through freelancing sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

Skills: Depending on the role, time management, dedication

7 Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Introverts With No Experience

Right now you may be wondering, how can I get all these jobs with no experience? You’ve seen the requirements; most vacancies demand experienced or qualified people. Getting a job with no previous experience can be complicated and even frustrating sometimes. But don’t panic; it’s not impossible! 

1. Tutoring

If you’ve got a skill, then the chances are there are people out there who want to learn it. Whether you are teaching languages, school subjects, or arts and crafts, there are platforms out there that can match you with people who are eager to pay to learn.

Skills: Subject knowledge, communication skills, patience

Average salary: $25 per hour

2. Blogging

While it can take some time to get established, writing a blog and promoting it via social media can be a great way to bring in revenue. You have the option to earn money from ads displayed on your blog, by attracting sponsorship, or by recommending products or services through affiliate schemes. A low-cost start-up that can really pay off if you find your niche.

Skills: Writing, proofreading, marketing

Average salary: $45k

3. Customer Service

Call centers are now being outsourced through the use of VOIP phones and online chat apps. If you have good interpersonal skills, then working in customer service is a great option for a starting job working from home.

Skills: Time Management, Patience, Verbal communication

Average salary: $15 per hour

4. Data Entry

While many systems are now automated, data entry staff who can enter paper records into a system or transfer data from one system to another are still needed. 

Skills: Organization, IT Skills

Average salary: $18 per hour

5. Notary Loan Signer

You do need to become a notary to do this, but no previous experience is required—you just need to be over 18 and have no convictions in the state you live in. It’s one of the best jobs for introverts without a degree. Your job is to ensure that real estate paperwork is completed correctly and witness signatures. This can fit in as a side hustle and still bring in four figures a month.

Skills: Notary Public

Average salary: $20 per hour

6. Completing Surveys

In no way a career, but one of the jobs for introverts part-time – getting paid to complete online surveys can bring in some additional income, and you don’t need any experience to get started. Just sign up with one of the many sites and complete the surveys – just be aware that your junk email and snail mail will increase exponentially!

Skills: IT skills

Average salary: $5 per survey

7. Social Media Manager

A typical social media manager’s day would include social media content management, community management, cultivation of leads and sales, calculated planning and setting of goals, and developing brand awareness and online reputation. Not much experience is needed as long as you can work around your way with social media tools and channels.

​​ Skills: Organization, marketing, graphic design, copywriting

Average salary: $20 per hour

Why Do Introverts Prefer Working from Home?

It is often thought that introverts do not enjoy the company of others. However, this is not the case. For those of us with an introverted personality, being in the presence of others can be energy-consuming, while alone allows us to preserve our energy and concentration for when it is truly needed. Extroverts, on the other hand, require the presence of others to recharge.

It isn’t just people, though. Research has shown that extroverts are far less sensitive to dopamine than introverts. In other words, introverts feel stimulation more than their extroverted colleagues, so any noise or event can drain them, even just sitting by the door with people coming and going.

What Kind of Introvert Are You?

For years, people have underestimated the abilities of introverts. You may have heard comments like “They are too quiet,” “I never know what they’re thinking,” or worse, “Are they even thinking?” The truth is that introverts are the most focused and analytical people you’ll ever meet. They just don’t brag about it. 

 So, dear introverts, you can chill those worries a bit now; there are plenty of work-from-home job opportunities for you to pursue. 

Remember, “silence is only frightening to people who are compulsively verbalizing.” You may want to remind colleagues about this at some point. So, get to know your capabilities and start looking for the best remote job opportunity for you! Good luck!


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