Get Paid to Write: Online Writing Jobs That Actually Pay

get paid to write

You have your way with words and can articulate your thoughts in writing. You have heard about how people make money writing – now you want to get paid to write as well. What are the best ways to earn money writing online? Are there any websites that make this easier? 

The key to making money online is knowing what kind of content is in demand and where to find it. This article will help you understand the various content categories businesses need and how you can use them to make money as a writer. 

Get Paid to Write: 10 Online Writing Jobs That Pay

1. Write Articles As a Freelancer

One of the best ways of landing blog writing jobs is through online freelance listing websites like Upwork,, and Problogger Job Board. You can also reach out to business owners to pitch your ideas. 

Blog writing is usually around 500 at least to 5,000 words per blog post, and payment can be per word or a flat rate for the entire project – depending on the client.

The amount of clients you will have and the kind of work you will be doing depends on your pitch and your ability to network and find opportunities.

2. Focus on Article Writing

Even though people use them interchangeably, articles are different from blog posts. While blogs adopt a narrative tone, articles adopt a more formal style. For example, it informs and demonstrates the validity of a business’s claims about its product or service. 

You can find this kind of gig on sites like Upwork and Other ways to get article writing jobs are to pitch directly to clients and use your network of other writers to find opportunities. 

An article in a newspaper averages 600 to 1500 words, while an article in a magazine averages 1500 to 3500 words. In other cases, articles can range from 4000 to 5000 comments. A higher word count gives readers a complete picture to better understand the topic.

3. Ghostwriting 

Ghostwriting is when you write for a client without a byline or any form of credit. The client remains the “author” of the piece. It can be web content for lead generation or sales conversion, blog posts, articles, books – you name it.

However, ghostwriting gigs pay well, so many writers don’t mind not getting credit for the work.

A lot of professionals begin writing by landing ghostwriting gigs. As they earn money, they start blogs and build a brand so they can charge more for their writing services.

Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer job boards are among the most popular places to find ghostwriting jobs.

4. Write for People…..and Search Engines

Have you heard about SEO? It has become a whole industry. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing websites, blogs, and content to reach high ranks on search engines such as Google and Bing.

To rank high on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), companies and marketers will spend big to hire good writers who understand how to optimize content for search engines and produce high-quality results.

If you are passionate about writing, know about SEO, and don’t mind doing initial keyword research, then SEO writing can be a good gig.

You can find SEO writing jobs on freelance sites such as Upwork or Freelancer. Other freelance job boards, such as, Freelance Writing Jobs Blog, and TopTal, also offer related gigs.

5. Connect Businesses with Prospects Through Social Media Copy

Currently, a diverse pool of audiences is waiting to consume social media content, making it one of the ways you can get paid to write. 

Social media writing jobs need you to create content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites. Usually, content on social media is simple, consumable, easy to relate to, and sharable – in short, things that are easy to read and digest. 

You can find social media writing jobs on different job boards or through your existing clients. For instance, if you write a great blog post or ghostwrite a remarkable piece, your client can decide to offer you a social media gig. A portfolio will also give you an advantage when pitching to prospective clients.

6. Get Your Creative Juices Flowing with Email Marketing

Email marketing has an incredible ROI of $36 for every $1 the business invests. So, many companies are paying big bucks to email writers to create email copy that is relevant to their target audience.

If you have a knack for writing great emails that convert and keep the tone conversational and friendly – email writing can be a lucrative writing side hustle for you.

It is also possible to make a career out of it if you can prove your worth to your clients and build a strong portfolio.

Popular job boards post email writing jobs from time to time. Master cold outreach if you’re looking for a gig that pays almost $100k/year. Job boards can be saturated, but cold outreach is a great (and free) way to send emails to businesses related to your niche. Building a niche blog is another excellent strategy for landing an email copywriting gig.

7. Press Release Writing

Don’t underestimate the power of well-written press releases. They can generate significant exposure for a business, including links to their website, mentions in the media, and even press coverage. 

You are helping the business spread its message to the public via relevant media outlets.

Job boards like Upwork and Indeed post many press releases writing jobs. The minimum pay is usually $30 per hour, but it can be as high as $182 for experienced writers.

8. Inspire Readers By Getting Personal

Personal essays are non-fiction pieces with a unique theme. Sites like Poets & Writers, Readers Digest, One Story, and The BBC accept submissions from writers. Their websites then feature the best pieces.  

Media Bistro spoke with several editors, who unanimously agreed that personal stories should have a diverse point of view. To have a chance of having your essay published, it has to be something new but also relatable to your intended audience.

The length of your essay will depend on the publication, Although they are usually at least 250 words long. These platforms are also popular among writers seeking to build their portfolios.

The rates of personal essays vary by outlet. 

9. Become a Podcast Writer

Podcast marketing is a trend that has risen in the past couple of years. People listen to podcasts for learning and entertainment. You could hop on this bandwagon and begin writing scripts or topics for podcasts. 

Many podcasters are willing to pay top dollar for content because quality content will guarantee higher listenership and engagement. However, prepare for stiff competition and hone your skills to begin your journey as a successful podcast writer.

Podcast writers earn per word or by the hour, depending on the project’s requirements. And you can find this writing job on popular job boards and social networking sites. 

You can also get paid to write scripts for videos, YouTube shows, explainer videos, and other multimedia content.

10. Participate in a Writing Contest

It’s not a regular job or a top-paying one like the rest in this piece. But earning from writing contests is a great side gig, especially when starting as a newbie writer (or freelancer).

Keep an eye out for contests, read the guidelines, and submit an article – you could receive compensation for your work. A few examples of places you can find writing contests include: 

  • Young Lions Fiction Award
  • L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest
  • Inkitt
  • 53 Word Story Contest
  • Drue Heinz Literature Prize
  • Hektoen Grand Prix Essay Contest
  • Biopage Storytelling Writing Contest
  • The Gabo Prize
  • Pen/Heim Translation Fund Grants, etc

One thing to remember when scouting for writing contest opportunities is that not all writing contests offer free entries. 

Some writing contests, like Bumblebee Flash Fiction Contest, F(r)iction Contests, and Newfound Prose Prize, require you to pay an admission fee.

Start Making Money Writing Online

Now that you know the paid online writing jobs, it’s time to take action. Build a portfolio, sharpen your skills, and get paid to write.

Remember, making money writing is a marathon you run every day – you must keep writing, learning, networking, and building your portfolio.

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