Madeira: A Growing Digital Nomad Village

growing digital nomad village

Portugal has been the favorite destination for digital nomads for decades. And after years, Madeira is the fastest growing digital nomad village. 

A few months ago, the Croatian government announced the first digital nomad village in Zadar. Indeed, the country was the first to open to the digital nomads’ revolution after the pandemic. And it is slowly becoming one of the most dynamic hubs for travelers and remote workers. 

On the other hand, Madeira Islands have been home to digital nomads for years. For example, the Ponta do Sol opened in February 2021. In this growing digital nomad village, people could work in co-working spaces for free, find guidance for accommodation, and access the nomad’s Slack group for events.

The village is a sort of one-stop-shop to support digital nomads while settling on the island. According to the Madeirs local government, 4,670 nomads have arrived in Madeira and Porto Santo thanks to the village.

The Porto Santo digital nomad village results from a partnership between the local government and Startup Madeira, a local entity supporting entrepreneurs. 

From yoga classes to professional meetups, the project aims to create a hub for networking and taste an alternative lifestyle. As restrictions stay high because of the omicron variant, this growing digital nomad village is a great solution for working and traveling safely while meeting other people on the same journey.


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