Croatia Will Open Its First Digital Nomad Village

Aerial shot of Zadar old town, famous tourist attraction in Croatia.

Croatia will launch a new village that has the purpose of receiving digital nomads. The village is located in Zadar, the port town in the center of Croatia, and its characterized by having thriving markets, beaches, and great weather. 

The pandemic has made organizations and governments start with projects to attract digital nomads from websites where you can find states willing to pay remote workers to live there to countries such as Portugal and Croatia looking to energize places with digital nomads

Zadar’s Digital Nomad Village

Croatia was one of the countries to quickly adapt to the remote work lifestyle. As it is one of Europe’s travel destinations, the country wants to keep tourism increasing. It is now offering special visas for digital nomads, allowing them to stay in the country without paying income tax for a year

The country has recently launched the new Digital Nomad Valley Zadar, popularly known as ‘’The Valley’’. The village will officially open on October 10th. It will provide homes for digital nomads traveling solo or with other members of the community.

Members will also have access to an exclusive coworking space and events organized by the village. 

Regarding the costs, digital nomads can stay for €130 a week for a minimum of two weeks at a time. That’s €520 for four weeks, still a lot less than the average apartment rent across most of Europe.

The Valley is created by Mario Mrksa, CEO of grabAhome. He said that the name ‘’The Valley’’ is inspired in Silicon Valley. And that they hope that the new digital nomad village turns into an entrepreneurial destination where it’s possible to create networking events, conferences, and events that also involve the local community. 


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