Why Portugal Remain The Best Community For Digital Nomads And Remote Workers

community for digital nomads

Portugal was one of the first countries promoting incentives for digital nomads and remote workers. After over a year of a global pandemic, Portugal remains one of the best communities for digital nomads.

Following the extended global lockdown, most countries introduced incentives to attract digital nomads and remote workers. Unlike other places, Portugal started this plan years before the pandemic. And today, it’s a dynamic community for digital nomads willing to grow their network while working remotely.

Why Is Portugal The Best Community For Digital Nomads?

Rise of Remote Workers 

Following COVID restrictions, most people embrace a ‘digital nomads lifestyle.’ waiting for offices to reopen, most employees prefer working remotely in places where they can meet other professionals and enjoy the local vibe. Among digital nomads, the country is a center for freelancers and entrepreneurs willing to travel.

Madeira: Digital Nomad Village

Madeira is a small island and the biggest community for digital nomads in Europe. The local government introduced the ‘Madeira Digital Nomads’ project. Those who are part of the project can live in the nomad village in Ponta do Sol, in villas or hotel accommodation. In addition, they can access the wi-fi, coworking stations, and networking events.

Visa & Health Insurence

Portugal is an attractive and popular location for its incentives. The government offers the Golden Visa (GV) and the Non-Habitual Residents (NHR) program. Who applies can move to Portugal with tax advantages for the whole stay.

Other NHR benefits: 

  • The status lasts for 10 years
  • Possibility of avoiding tax income 
  • Recent amendments include a 10% tax on pension income.
  • 20% flat rate for selected Portuguese source income for both specific professions and self-employment – standard Portuguese income tax rates of up to 48%.

How To Move To The Biggest Digital Nomads Community 

You need to meet the following criteria to be eligible: 

  • The right to reside in Portugal, either by being an EU/EEA/Swiss citizen or with the Golden Visa program.
  • No residence in Portugal in the last five Portuguese tax years.
  • The individual must have a place to live in Portugal.
  • A physical representative to apply for NHR.

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