New Visa For Remote Workers And Digital Nomads: A Year Of Free Taxes In Croatia

visa digital nomads and remote workers

Croatia government launches a new visa for digital nomads and remote workers. The major update of this law is a year of free taxes for those on a digital nomad visa working for non-Croatian companies.

Croatia is one of the top destinations for tourists in Europe. The country recorded a stop in the local economy after COVID-19 restrictions. Following other countries’ examples, Croatia bets on remote workers and digital nomads to boost its travel industry.

Since January 2021, the government has offered special visas to digital workers from outside the EU. This visa permit allows applicants to stay in the country for a year tax-free. Croatia’s council approved 33 visas so far. As a result, the local committee hopes for more applications once virus-related travel restrictions become lighter.

What You Need To Move In Croatia As A Digital Nomad And Remote Worker

To clarify, the new law to work in Croatia is more than a visa for digital nomads and remote workers. In short, it is a residence permit for those working remotely for non-Croatian companies.

To apply for this visa, the government requires to:

  • A completed application 
  • Proof you are a digital nomad or remote worker
  • Valid passport/travel document
  • Government-issued background check from your home country 
  • Marriage certificate
  • Valid private/travel health insurance policy covering your stay
  • Proof of sufficient funds 
  • Croatian address

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