Chattanooga: New Haven For Remote Workers

Chattanooga remote workers

Chattanooga (Tennessee) is the new favorite destination for remote workers. The city council has been promoting the city with activities for remote workers since the pandemic.  

According to the US Census data, Chattanooga has been growing for over a decade – from 167,674 residents (2010) to 181,099 in 2020. After the first lockdown, the population increased by 0.5%. On the contrary, cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco lost their residents.

Despite some companies wanting to return to the office, Americans keep moving to more affordable states thanks to remote work. According to Upwork, almost 5 million Americans moved after the pandemic. And Chattanooga is one of the best destinations for remote workers. 

First, housing is affordable, and most people are able to settle while keeping their job. Second, the city offers several co-working spaces and networking activities that are ideal for remote workers and digital nomads. Finally, the growing population makes the city lively and dynamic, offering cultural activities and entertainment.

Unlike other US cities, Chattanooga doesn’t offer financial aid for relocation. However, remote workers and digital nomads are becoming more aware of the city’s potential. 

And as companies are still debating on returning to their offices, new locations become dynamic hubs to network and work remotely.  


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