Americans Keep Moving To Work-From-Home

moving work-from-home

After over two on/off years of pandemic, Americans keep moving to work-from-home. For personal and professional reasons, most people keep moving away from bigger cities to states like TexasFlorida, and Alabama

At the beginning of the pandemic, most Americans left big centers to relocate to more affordable locations. And the trend continues in 2021.

According to Pew Research, 26.5 million Americans have been moving to work-from-home between March 2020-2021 – about 800,000 more than the previous year. Data from the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey show that more Americans migrated to the South. 

recent United Van Lines study lists as a popular destination: 

  • South Carolina
  • West Virginia
  • Florida
  • Alabama
  • Tennessee 

In addition, Arizona is a popular destination in North America.

Among the reasons why Americans are moving to work-from-home, the same study reveals: 

  • 32% of Americans moved to stay closer to friends and family or relocated for a new job.
  • During 2021, 20% more Americans moved compared to 2020 because remote work allowed 14-23 million Americans to relocate.
  • The most popular destinations are: Florida, Arizona (23%), Texas (31%), South Carolina (28%) and North Carolina (25%), Evangelou (34%).

From family to lower living costs, most Americans prefer moving to work-from-home. Even with the vaccination campaign kicking off, people keep the benefits of remote work. 


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