3 US Cities Finance Relocation 

finance relocation

While American keep moving because of remote work, US cities finance relocation.

It’s now common for people to relocate to more affordable locations to work remotely. After the first wave, states like TexasNevada, or Georgia launched several initiatives to attract remote workers. 

Following this trend, 3 US cities finance relocation to remote workers and digital nomads: 


Vermont council targets new generations and remote workers. Their Remote Worker Grant includes $7,500 in remote expenses. And the city is one of the best places to work remotely, combining nature, dynamic nightlife and concert halls.

Newton (Iowa)

In the same vein, Iowa offers various incentives to attract residents and finance relocation. For example, the city gives $10,000 to any new homebuyer and a $3,000 welcome package. These types of incentives are ideal for those looking to settle and create a family while working

Hamilton (Ohio)

Finally, Hamilton offers up to $10,000 for college graduates’ relocation. They pay a set amount over the year, helping students to find decent accommodation. Furthermore, the university provides the Talent Attraction program to incentivize more students.

Other cities offered incentives to attract new residents and professionals. While the pandemic is unpredictable, US cities finance relocation for remote workers and students to rebuild local activities. 


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