Best Zoom Town USA

Zoom Town USA

A new guide came out ranking the best Zoom Town USA!

After over two years of hybrid and remote models, most people moved to more affordable locations across the US. Following convenient incentives for remote workers, most Americans moved out from big cities to states like Nevada, West Virginia, or Vermont

Now, the complete guide Zoom Town USA is out. The book collects the best US cities to work remotely, keeping a healthy work-life balance. Remote work allows living in modern-rural communities. There, housing and living costs are lower, and there is no need to commute in traffic all day.

As a result of this trend, the guide came out. The independent author Andy La Point plays with the old term ‘Boom Town.’ During past centuries, industrialization led to migration toward big cities and urban areas. 

Now, we can see an influx in more rural areas of new residents working remotely. According to the author, this migration towards rural areas also depends on work-life balance. Besides saving money, Zoom Town in the USA have a slower life past that makes life less stressful.  

As La Point says: “Zoom Town USA isn’t just about living in a modern rural area with the ability to work remotely. It is about being able to truly enjoy a work-life balance.”

Tips and recommendations in the book come from the author’s direct experience. Although there is not an official map of Zoom Town USA, the trend is visible. And this ultimate guide is another piece of evidence of the impact of remote work on people’s habits. 

While companies are debating about returning to the office, workers got used to more flexible work schedules.  

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