Workers Feel Burnout Returning To The Office 

burnout returning to the office

After two years of pandemics and restrictions, most people feel burnout returning to the office. 

Companies are trying different strategies to bring employees back to the office following this long experiment with remote work. It’s not a secret that companies like Google are pushing to be back to their office culture.  

However, data show a different preference on the employees’ side. According to an April AP-NORC poll, most people feel burnout returning to the office. While hybrid models are still the best option, workers struggle to find a healthy balance with on-site work.

Here are the poll findings of burnout and returning to the office: 

  • Among respondents, 16% work remotely, 13% work remotely and in-person, and 72% work only in-person.
  • Returning to the office, 39% think things are getting better, 23% worse, and 38% stay the same. 
  • After the remote work revolution, 45% think the workload is more manageable, while 18% think it’s worse.
  • However, 41% of people back to the office feel more stressed, 22% think it’s better, and for 37% aren’t changed.
  • About the pandemic, 35% feel the work-life more pressing, and 20% feel more balanced. 
  • Returning to the office meant more stress for 50% of respondents. Only 11% are happy to be back, and 39% are fine both ways. 

Generally speaking, the reasons related to burnout returning to the office are: 

  • Balancing work and personal responsibilities
  • Potential COVID exposure
  • Commute
  • Forced social interaction 
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