Best Digital Nomad Apps in 2021

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Digital nomads are all over the world, literally! That’s what digital nomads actually are all about. That’s the advantage they have. They can go backpacking, and they don’t even need to be on work leave for that! Isn’t it cool? The best digital nomad apps make their life easier and keep them going while everything from schedules to travel itineraries are taken care of. 

If you’re a digital nomad who has recently started this journey, fret not. Read on to know about the best apps for digital nomads that can help you organize your work and your life better.

6 Must-Have Digital Nomad Apps

1. Evernote

If you haven’t already heard of it, you’re losing out on half the stress-free life you can enjoy. With all due respect to those who use actual pen and paper to organize their daily tasks/schedules/goals, Evernote can do a lot more. Also, the chances are that you’ll lose or misplace your diary more easily as compared to losing your phone or laptop!

What’s so special about Evernote?

  • Take notes on the Evernote app on your phone, view it on your laptop later! The app is automatically synced with the desktop version which makes it super easy for digital nomads to access their task/idea list. 
  • Not just notes, you can save photos, website URLs, emails and more to Evernote and the app organizes everything into files!
  • Evernote also lets you scan your handwritten documents and notes. This allows you to put even your older tasks or goals into Evernote!

2. Google Drive

It’s absolutely impossible to not have this on the list. Google Drive makes life so much easier for all professionals today. This is especially true for digital nomads because Google Drive works so seamlessly on the phone too! It is very much an “on the go” app that can help you create the best content pieces (if you’re a writer) even during your commute!

From the most important files to documents and spreadsheets, everything is stored on Cloud in real time. Digital nomads need not worry about the constant back and forth of updated documents because Google docs is shareable and is updated real time!

Why use Google Drive?

  • All kinds of files and documents can be stored and accessed from anywhere at any time.
  • Everything is stored on Cloud in real time.
  • Do your work and make the edits on the go!

3. Seven

When you’re a digital nomad, you might not be able to take up a gym membership in one place. This shouldn’t mean that you neglect your health and ignore fitness completely.

Fitness app, Seven helps you with 7 minute workouts! These workouts are intense and don’t require much of your time.

What is so special about Seven?

  • Choose your own fitness goals and schedule.
  • Easy to implement as the workouts are just 7 minutes long every day!
  • Check your most recent workouts to plan your next set of workouts.

4. Revolut

Best apps for digital nomads aren’t just about work but also about managing their lifestyle. Since digital nomads are always on the go and tend to visit various places, it’s important to choose an app that helps you manage your money right.

Revolut allows you to open a free account. With the app, you can spend and transfer money abroad for absolutely no fees! 

Here’s why you must try Revolut.

  • Get a contactless MasterCard and connect it with your Revolut app account. Use this card to spend abroad with no extra fee!
  • Your transfers and spends abroad will be on the real exchange rate, with zero extra markup cost.
  • The app is designed keeping digital nomads in mind. It allows you to get a current account without an address proof or a credit check.
  • There’s a spending tracking section in the app that can help you track your spendings so that you can manage your budget.

5. TripIt

If you’re a digital nomad, most likely, you will be traveling A LOT. If you’re the disorganized type even slightly, this is one of the best travel apps that can help you organize your trips.

TripIt is like a personal assistant that helps you organize your hotel bookings, flights, and everything associated with your travel.

Here’s why a digital nomad should use TripIt.

  • It coordinates all your travels for you once all your bookings and itineraries are forwarded to the app.
  • You can access all your travel information without the internet! Everything is in one place, so no more switching between various PDF files in your emails and different apps.

6. Workfrom

We’re so used to using the term – work from home – that we often forget that remote work is not necessarily about working from home! You can work from cafes, restaurants, hotels and even beaches! So, here’s an app that makes it to our list of best apps for digital nomads for good reasons.

What does Workfrom do for digital nomads?

  • Get all the information about the best pubs, cafes and restaurants from around the world!
  • Know the prices, Wi-Fi signal details, atmosphere, and a lot more about these places in order to decide on where to work from next!
  • A one stop solution for digital nomads. No more Googling for everything separately. All the restaurant and cafe information in one place!

Which Digital Nomad Apps Do You Use?

These are some of the apps we truly feel can make a huge difference to a digital Nomad’s lifestyle. From managing money and tasks to working on the go and knowing which cafe table to book next, your life will be a lot more organized with the use of these apps.

Have you used any of these apps? What has been your experience? Which apps would you add to this list? Let us know your digital nomad journey!

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