Best Digital Nomad Apps in 2022

Best digital nomad apps

Digital nomads are all over the world, literally! That’s what digital nomads actually are all about: traveling everywhere. That’s the advantage they have. They can go backpacking, and they don’t even need to be on work leave for that! Isn’t it cool? But how are they able to work anywhere? The best apps for digital nomads keep them going while everything from schedules to travel itineraries is taken care of. 

If you’re a digital nomad who has recently started this journey, don´t worry!  Read on to know about the best apps for digital nomads that can help you organize your work and your life better.

20 Best Apps for Digital Nomads

Organization and Productivity Apps

  1. Evernote

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If you haven’t already heard of it, you’re losing out on half the stress-free life you can enjoy. With all due respect to those who use actual pen and paper to organize their daily tasks/schedules/goals, Evernote can do a lot more. Also, the chances are that you’ll lose or misplace your diary more easily as compared to losing your phone or laptop! And guess what, even if you do end up losing your phone or laptop, you can access your Evernote data from any other device!

What’s so special about Evernote?

  • Take notes on the Evernote app on your phone, and view it on your laptop later! The app is automatically synced with the desktop version, making it super easy for digital nomads to access their task/idea list. Additionally, Evernote integrates with many third-party applications, such as tracking time apps for Mac users, giving users the ability to easily track their time in one place.
    • Not just notes, you can save photos, website URLs, emails, and more to Evernote, and the app organizes everything into files!
    • Evernote also lets you scan your handwritten documents and notes. This allows you to put even your older tasks or goals into Evernote!
    1. Google Drive

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    It’s absolutely impossible to not have this app on the list. Google Drive makes life so much easier for all professionals today. This is especially true for digital nomads because Google Drive works so seamlessly on the phone too!

    From the most important files to documents and spreadsheets, everything is stored on Cloud in real time.

    Why use Google Drive?

    • All kinds of files and documents can be stored and accessed from anywhere at any time.
    • Everything is stored on Cloud in real time.
    • Do your work and make the edits on the go!

    However, if you prefer to save your things in a physical location, you can still get a virtual mailbox.

    1. Asana

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    Asana is a popular project management app among digital nomads and remote workers. From To-do lists and group discussions to reminders and more are all integrated into one place with Asana. This helps you to track projects and their progress from start to finish.

    Why use Asana?

    • Asana greatly increases your speed and productivity.
    • It’s great for both individuals and teams.
    • It’s useful for individual to-do lists and travel documentation
    • Everything is in one place so you don’t have to use different apps or tools for task management.

    Fitness Apps

    1. Seven

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    When you’re a digital nomad, you might not be able to take up a gym membership in one place. This shouldn’t mean that you neglect your health and ignore fitness completely.

    Fitness app, Seven helps you with 7 minute workouts! These workouts are intense and don’t require much of your time or equipment.

    What is so special about Seven?

    • Choose your own fitness goals and schedule.
    • Easy to implement as the workouts are just 7 minutes long every day!
    • Check your most recent workouts to plan your next set of workouts.
    1. Sworkit

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    Sleek-looking Sworkit adheres to the American College of Sports Medicine’s guidelines. The app provides a 6-week programme to help you get leaner, fitter, and stronger, with plans ranging from beginner to advanced exercise levels.

    You won’t need a gym or any equipment because the extensive database offers routines that rely purely on your own body weight. Yoga for runners, Pilates, and 5-minute abs are just a few of the options.

    What’s so special about Sworkit?

    • Guided exercise plans.
    • Access to a professional trainer for assistance.
    • Tailor-made routines, such as HIIT and Tabata.
    1. My Fitness Pal

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    If you´re looking for a digital nomadic app that contributes to a healthy lifestyle, My Fitness Pal is a great option. This free app with a partially user-generated library of every food you can think of, from big restaurants to homemade cuisine makes keeping track of your nutrition easy. You can also contribute your own recipes to the library if you do your own cooking frequently. 

    In addition to calories, the app allows you to track fat, protein, carb, and macronutrient intake, as well as establish other nutrition objectives. The paid premium edition includes a more in-depth diet analysis and allows you to customize your eating objectives by day, meal, and amount of exercise.

    Why use MyFitnessPal?

    • Easy and free access to thousands of recipes.
    • Specifically allows you to track any macronutrient.

    Money Management Apps

    1. Revolut

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    The best apps for digital nomads aren’t just about work. Since digital nomads are always on the go, managing money can become challenging. It’s important to choose tools that help them manage their money effectively.

    Revolut allows you to open a free account. With the app, you can spend and transfer money abroad for absolutely no fees! 

    Here’s why you must try Revolut.

    • Get a contactless MasterCard and connect it with your Revolut app account. Use this card to spend abroad with no extra fee!
    • Your transfers and spending abroad will be on the real exchange rate, with zero extra markup cost.
    • The app is designed keeping digital nomads in mind. It allows you to get a current account without an address proof or a credit check.
    • There’s a spending tracking section in the app that can help you track your spendings so that you can manage your budget.
    1. Mint

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    Mint is one of the best digital nomad apps for budgeting. You can connect your bank accounts before tracking your spending. Get notifications when you exceed your budget and track all your travel, accommodation, and other bills in one place!

    Why use Mint?

    • It is a free to use app.
    • It allows you to keep track of all of your bills in one location. 
    • Get reminders for when your bills are due. 
    • Check your credit score at any time.
    1. Honeydue

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    That name should give you a hint. This amazing digital nomadic app is for couples! No more fighting about finances and money management.

    What’s so special about Honeydue?

    • It is both free and easy to use.
    • It sorts spending into categories for you and then allows you to customize them.
    • It lets you establish monthly spending limitations for each category. 
    • It allows you to create shared budgets and bill calendars with it. 
    • It offers a chat option that you and your partner can use to talk about money (or whatever else). 
    • It allows you to link as many accounts and credit cards as you want. 
    • It also allows you to keep your personal accounts hidden from each other.

    Travel and Accommodation Apps

    1. TripIt

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    If you’re a digital nomad, most likely, you will be traveling A LOT. If you’re the disorganized type even slightly, this is one of the best travel apps that can help you organize your trips.

    TripIt is like a personal assistant that helps you organize your hotel bookings, flights, and everything associated with your travel.

    Here’s why a digital nomad should use TripIt

    • It coordinates all your travels for you once all your bookings and itineraries are forwarded to the app.
    • You can access all your travel information without the internet! Everything is in one place, so no more switching between various PDF files in your emails and different apps.
    1. Workfrom

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    We’re so used to using the term – work from home – that we often forget that remote work is not necessarily about working from home! You can work in cafes, restaurants, hotels, and even beaches! So, here’s an app that makes it to our list of best apps for digital nomads for good reasons.

    What does Workfrom do for digital nomads?

    • Get all the information about the best pubs, cafes, and restaurants from around the world!
    • Know the prices, Wi-Fi signal details, atmosphere, and a lot more about these places in order to decide on where to work from next!
    • A one stop solution for digital nomads. No more Googling for everything separately. All the restaurant and cafe information in one place!
    1. Airbnb

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    Airbnb allows you to have a home no matter where you are in the world. When you download the Airbnb app, you can browse for and book your ideal “next stop” on the go.

    Why use Airbnb?

    • Fits all budgets and personal preferences.
    • Availability of millions of rooms, studios, apartments, and homes to choose from.
    • Airbnb is present in 191 countries and 81,000 cities throughout the world.

    Digital Nomad Dating Apps

    1. Nomad Soulmates

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    This is one of the best digital nomad tools, created by them! The app’s creators put a lot of focus on finding someone who matches your nomadic lifestyle  and helps  you in making that connection.

    Why use Nomad Soulmates?

    • Instead of depending solely on physical appearance or trip plans, this app promises to go above and beyond by matching you with those whose values and ideas match yours.
    • There are over 7,000 nomads in this ever-growing club, so there are plenty of nomads to connect with!
    1. Fairytrail

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    Fairytrail is a “dream come true” for all those nomads who want to meet someone from a different city or county. 

    Fairytrail is a travel and adventure dating app that brings single digital nomads together for group adventures.

    Why use Fairytrail?

    • You can connect with people from different regions and cultures.
    • Having group adventures with people from around the world will help you broaden your perspective too.
    • Whether you do find your fairytale romance or not, you’ll surely find many friends!
    1. MissTravel

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    MissTravel has connected over half a million people on over 300,000 trips globally since launching the first travel dating service in 2012.

    The digital nomad dating app is designed for avid travellers who are always on the move.

    What’s special about MissTravel?

    • The MissTravel app makes it easier than ever to locate the perfect travel companion, whether you’re at the airport, on a train, or strolling historic city streets.
    • Plan trips with the special someone you find via the app!

    If all these apps still not enough for you, check out these Reddit Channels to find out what digital nomads have to say about them!

    Best Websites For Digital Nomads

    Besides mobile apps, there are plenty of websites and digital nomad web apps that you can use to make your travel-heavy life easier.


    Nomad List is a thorough resource for anyone interested in pursuing a career as a remote worker. It’s filled with important information for the nomadic worker, with lists and recommendations on everything a digital nomad needs. 

    You’ll also find jobs on the site, and  an active forum where nomads regularly communicate with one another.

    1. Roam.Co

    For a weekly membership fee of $500, Roam offers digital nomads a variety of venues to stay and work. You’ll have good internet connection, comfortable chairs, deskspace, a chef’s kitchen, and a varied selection of individuals to work with in addition to a beautiful room to sleep in.

    This concept, which is now operational in Madrid, Miami, and Bali, is slated to spread, providing a home for the mobile working community in a variety of appealing destinations.


    Copass is the digital nomad website for you if you enjoy networking opportunities in a coworking space. The massive Copass network has 750 coworking spaces in over 500 cities across the world, all of which you can book with a single click using its user-friendly platform. Plans are priced based on how many days per month you want to work.

    1. DigitalNomads.World

    Digital Nomad World is a modern and user-friendly forum that allows users to get answers, ask questions, and interact with remote professionals all around the world. 

    Remote work options, upskilling courses, and city guides for digital nomad hotspots are all available on the platform. A popular element is the community, which is divided into subgroups based on location and professional skill. 

    After joining, remote employees can take use of a variety of privileges around the world, including lodging, courses, leisure, workspace, and cafe perks.


    Couch surfers with a high enough rating on their profile can find a free bed in any major city on the planet. However, because most hosts are only willing to give up their house for a few days, the homestay exchange system works well for backpackers.

    Nonetheless, the digital nomad can use Couchsurfing by attending frequent events or inquiring if any locals are interested in hanging out.

    Which Best Apps for Digital Nomads Do You Use?

    These are some of the apps we truly feel can make a huge difference to a digital nomad’s lifestyle. From managing money and tasks to working on the go and knowing which cafe table to book next, your life will be a lot more organized using these apps.

    Have you used any of these apps? What has been your experience? Which apps would you add to this list? Let us know your digital nomad journey by emailing us at <insert email address>


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