Best Job Search Apps to Find Your Remote Dream Job

job search apps

As 2021 is coming to an end, it’s time to make the annual list of good resolutions. After starting a diet and tidying your room every day, the following good resolution is getting a dream job. 

But let’s be honest. When you write down your new year good resolution list, you already know you won’t start a diet or clean your room every day. On the flip side, finding a job is a necessity – more than a good resolution. How to find the best job online? 

It’s all about starting your search on the right job search apps.

Strategies To Find The Best Jobs Online  

Whether you’re an experienced professional or a newbie, when you start looking for a new job, usually people give you three best strategies to make your search effective: 

  • Networking 
  • Recruitment Agencies 
  • Job Search Apps and Websites 

And the first thing popping up in your mind is: Really, please tell me something I don’t know! 

Well, the point is, that’s what we all have to do initially. You need to meet people in your field to find reliable companies, the range of opportunities, and whenever it is better to rely on a recruitment agency or start a solo search.

If you are in the process of starting this solitary journey in the dark land of job ads and never-ending application processes, here are the best 9 job search apps to look for a job in 2022!

9 Best Job Search Apps For 2022

1. Indeed App

Indeed Jobs

Indeed is probably the most popular app among job seekers. Using the app, you can monitor Indeed Jobs through TV ads, radio, direct mail marketing, and other channels. Posting job offers is free, you can find a myriad of offers from different companies and employers. In addition, you can create and update your CV by sending your applications with one-click. 

The Indeed interface allows you to target the search by job title, salary, location, and company. From full-time positions to freelancing, you can easily find the perfect opportunity based on your needs. And you can access reviews on companies and managers before sending the application. With over 100 million downloads on Google Play and Apple Store and almost 1.2 million ratings on the iTunes store, the Indeed app is one of the best platforms for job seekers. 

  • Cost: Free for job seekers and employers alike. 
  • Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, and Android.
  • Download on: iTunes and Google Play.

Fear of falling into a job scam? Check out these tips to know how to spot them!

2. LinkedIn

employment apps

LinkedIn is the other most popular all-in-one job-search app. 77% of recruiters rely on the platform to find prospective job candidates. In addition to job opportunities, LinkedIn works as a Social Network to connect with other professionals in the industry, share professional news, and make your CV visible. 

Recruiters can see if you are open to job opportunities and send job ads on your InMail box with the free profile. After that, the app sends you other related offers and postings. And with the Premium account, you can see salaries and other applicants. 

  • Cost: Free or $29.00/month for Premium (free the first month)
  • Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Download on: iTunes and Google Play

3. Glassdoor App

Glassdoor App

Glassdoor is another popular and reliable online job application. Unlike other job-search websites, the Glassdoor app also offers numerous pieces of advice and insights on the job market and trends. Job seekers can search for new positions by scrolling the job listing and being aware of salaries and benefits. In addition, you can check the company’s reviews from other employees and former employers, to have a clear idea about the company culture and workflow. Finally, the notification system allows users to be always updated on new opportunities and current application processes.

  • Cost: Free
  • Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, and Android.
  • Download on: iTunes and Google Play.

4. FlexJobs 

job search websites

When you think about it, your dream job allows you to travel and maintain a healthy work-life balance. If you are looking for a remote position, the best strategy is to look on dedicated platforms. Unlike other dedicated job websites, FlexJob screen every offer to remove scam job listing. Members can access over 29.000 flexible remote jobs from several companies, accessing reviews and work arrangements. In addition, their membership comes with a guarantee to ensure the best service for its members.  

  • Cost: $14.95/ 1 month, $29.95 / 3 months, $49.95/year.
  • Compatible with: Android, iPhone, and iPad
  • Download on: iTunes

best job search apps

ZipRecruiter is one of the most popular jobs search websites. The app allows you to easily search for and apply to several jobs from your phone. Once you update your CV, the app sends you potential opportunities and tracks your application processes. Finally, it sends job alerts to help you stand out from other candidates. 

  • Cost: Free
  • Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Download on: iTunes and Google Play

6. LinkUp

job application

LinkUp job listing only comes from company websites for the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Free for job seekers, it promotes over 3 million jobs under the search engine radar.  

  • Cost: Free for job seekers (​​$199/month for recruiters)
  • Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Download on: iTunes and Google Play

7. Snagajob 

job applications

Snagajob is a great app for those just entering the job market. You can find job opportunities by keywords or locations. Once you set up your account, the app sends new offers straight to your email inbox. The app works best for hospitality, retail, administration, and customer service positions. 

  • Cost: Free 
  • Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Download on: iTunes and Google Play

8. Good&Co Culture Fit Job Finder

best job apps

Good&Co Culture Fit Job Finder app is the best choice if you value company culture and mission when looking for a job. Unlike other apps, you start your account with a three-minute personality quiz. After that, the app lists job opportunities in your area based on your personality type and values. 

  • Cost: Free 
  • Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Download on: iTunes and Google Play

9. JobAware

job apps

Finally, JobAware is the best option for those who struggle with organizing their job search process. The app aggregates job listings through Indeed. In addition, users can target their search by keyword and location. After that, the app allows you to categorize jobs by priority: dream jobs, second-choice jobs, and third-choice jobs. Finally, you can organize the job-search process through four categories: researched, applied, interviewing, offer.

Last Thoughts On Job Search Apps 

Finding a dream job is a long and tedious process. And you need to be on top of job search apps and mails to make it work. Even then, if you find the perfect position and go through all the processes, the company could still select another candidate. That happened to all of us. So, take a day or two to relax and start over again. And when you least expect it, you will get the magic mail saying that you are the one! 

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