Best Coworking Space Apps to Find Your Community in a New City

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Digital nomads travel frequently. Finding a new coworking space or a desk in every new place is now easier than before, thanks to the evolution in the way we work. Remote work, once a novelty, has now become a norm in most industries and countries across the globe. Coworking spaces are everywhere. How to choose the right one that has all the amenities you need? Will the community be welcoming and friendly?

Before you become a part of something that doesn’t suit your needs, you must know that several coworking space apps can help you with all the details of a coworking space.

Do you need a coworking space app? How does a coworking space app work? Let’s find out.

Who Uses A Coworking Space App?

Coworking spaces allow you to work in a professional environment without the need to work from your employer’s office. Working from home is not everyone’s cup of tea, as multiple distractions like personal work, interactions with family or roommates could deteriorate the quality of your work.  Coworking spaces are best suited for those who work remotely but would also like to work in a professional environment. Working from home can not only be distracting but also lonely for some. Coworking space apps can help you with all the information you need about the options you have to make the right decision.

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1. Remote Workers and Digital Nomads

The pandemic has shifted a large chunk of employment to remote employment owing to the demands of employees. Professionals now have the liberty to work from anywhere in the world. This could be your home, a cafe, or a coworking space. 

Remote workers can choose coworking spaces if they’re not comfortable with working from home. Digital nomads travel from time to time, and to keep their professional life on track, coworking spaces are the best option to go for as these spaces allow them to separate their personal life from their professional life .

Most coworking space apps can help remote workers and digital nomads to look for the right coworking space in a region of their choice.

2. Freelancers and Individual Contractors

Freelancers work on a project basis while individual contractors work for a company for a fixed tenure. If you’re any of these, it is best to use  coworking space apps that help you find a coworking space that offers flexible timings.

Since you’re not a full-time employee, you might work lesser or more hours a day depending on your workload. Coworking space apps can help you find a place that accommodates professionals on an hourly basis.

3. Small Businesses and Startups

As a small business or a startup, you might have limited finances and resources. It is best to save every penny to make more profits and create a scalable work model. Coworking space apps allow new entrepreneurs to find spaces that accommodate their small teams with access to meeting rooms and other such facilities.

Small businesses rather spend their funds on more important aspects than in a traditional office space. As a new business, you’ll not only save money on the rent but also on overhead costs like electricity bills if you opt for coworking spaces.

Coworking space apps will allow you to find suitable spaces that offer desks on a per-employee basis or a package deal for your team. If you have a remote team, these  apps can help you find spaces that have other entrepreneurs as a part of the community too. This will allow you to interact and expand your network with other businesses while you work.

Why Should You Use A Coworking Space App?

Coworking spaces have a lot of benefits for both remote employers and employees and can enhance and optimize the way of working exponentially. Coworking space apps have multiple features that can quicken the process of decision making while offering an array of options.

  • Digital nomads save time by being able to search for an open desk on the go.
  • Remote workers who are moving to a new city can compare multiple coworking spaces before narrowing down on the one that suits their needs..
  • Remote entrepreneurs can look for the specific facilities they need.
  • There are apps that cater to only specific regions, so if you’re moving to a new city, local coworking space apps can help with all the information.
  • Some coworking space apps have unique features that allow remote workers and digital nomads to enhance their coworking experience. Additionally, bigger businesses can look for coworking spaces with a space big enough for their employees. 
  • Most coworking space apps  have the feature to find nearby coworking spaces.
  • Some coworking space apps provide memberships that come with deals and discounts that can save you a lot of money.

Apps to Help You Find Coworking Spaces

Whether you’re traveling to a new city or are looking for a professional space in your own region, coworking space apps are the way to go. While Google does help you with answers to everything under the sun, coworking space apps are dedicated to what you’re looking for and can help you with a lot more information.

Here are some of the best coworking space apps you can start with: 

1. Loop

Loop has a great membership model that gives you free access for one day each month at any of the 100 coworking spaces listed on the website. These coworking spaces are all across the globe.

If you like a particular space and choose to work there for more than a day, you can buy a daily pass of that space. These individual day passes vary depending on the coworking space you choose.

Loop membership cost: $30 per month

2. Breather 

Breather is a great coworking space website for small businesses and startups. While most remote workers need basic amenities like a power outlet, a desk and good WiFi, businesses need meeting rooms and bigger spaces as well.

Breather let’s you host a team meeting and group collaborations. The best part is that a Breather account is free.

You can find professional meeting rooms via breather in 10 places:

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Boston
  • Washington
  • Chicago
  • Toronto
  • Ottawa
  • Montreal
  • London

3. Workfrom

Workfrom provides a lot of information up front. You’ll find detailed information like:

  • Power outlets.
  • WiFi speed.
  • Seating availability.
  • Restaurants and coffee shops

The site lists coworking spaces from a whopping 1,250 cities. A basic Workfrom account is free.

Pro edition: $5 per month or $50 per year.

4. Outsite

Outsite focuses on its four main pillars that make it stand out among other coworking space apps: 

  • Home sharing
  • Remote work
  • Work-life balance
  • Sustainability 

Coworking and coliving are becoming the norm in today’s day and age. By providing options for coliving as well, Outsite connects you with like-minded remote workers and digital nomads.

The locations are in beautiful places that are close to nature, providinge a sustainable environment. For those digital nomads who don’t enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life or working in a very crowded environment, Outsite is a must try.

5. LiquidSpace

LiquidSpace has something for everyone. It provides networking opportunities for startups, seasoned professionals, office business centers, real estate professionals, and private business owners.

As a remote worker you’ll be able to find various coworking spaces such as:

  • Team offices
  • Project spaces
  • Temporary spaces
  • Satellite offices

A LiquidSpace account is free. Prices for individual coworking spaces vary by location. You can search for coworking spaces in the location of your choice and find all the information you need before you select one.

Coworking Spaces Apps Are Your New Networking Opportunity

While remote work was thought to be a lonely affair, it isn’t so when you have these coworking space apps. They help you find the place that suits your needs and personality. You join a community of your choice and thrive in a culture you love, all while you work your way to professional growth.

Should this slip off your mind, you can always come back to this page to refresh your memory on the five amazing coworking space apps for you.

Coworking space apps are a prelude to what is in store for you when you travel to a new city. Technology always comes to rescue those who don’t like to step into unfamiliar territories.

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