Digital Nomad Reddit Channels You Can’t Miss in 2022

Digital Nomad Reddit channels

Digital nomad Reddit channels are perfect for those nomads who want all kinds of advice. From new places to visit and budgeting strategies to visa regulations and remote job opportunities, Reddit is filled with communities with people sharing their experiences firsthand. Here you can learn about tools, applications, secret locations, cheap destinations, and much more. Let´s go over the Digital Nomad Reddit channels you can´t miss. 

What is Reddit and Why Is It Useful for Digital Nomads?

Reddit is a social news website, forum, and network of communities where people talk about anything you can possibly imagine. People share news, content, options, debate, comment on other people’s posts, and even promote their content through voting; they can upvote or downvote. 

Reddit is home to thousands of communities that share the same interests, and its purpose is to promote “authentic human connection.” According to Alexa, the platform is the 8th most popular website in the United States and the 25th globally. 

The website has more than 100K active communities, known as “subreddits.” The name of a subreddit begins with “r/,” which is part of the URL that Reddit uses. So, in the case of digital nomads, where there are many communities, it’s easy to find the first one by simply looking for “r/digitalnomad.”

Why Use Reddit as a Digital Nomad?

Which countries are best for slow travel? What are the new visa regulations in X country? Is global health insurance worth it? How to travel while saving money?

These and thousands of more questions are discussed by remote workers and digital nomads through Reddit channels. Some of these digital nomad Reddit communities and channels focus on topics like minimalist traveling, while others are about the best destinations, purchases to make while traveling around the world, or how to find a new remote job

The biggest benefit of Reddit nomad channels is that the answers, tips, strategies, and experiences come from actual remote works and digital nomads. Whatever questions you have, you can ask them in a subreddit and get answered by people who can give you their opinion on their experience as a digital nomad. 

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9 Digital Nomad Reddit Communities to Join in 2022

While in Reddit, there are restricted communities, where only certain users can post or comment, and private ones, where you need an invitation, the communities shown in this list are public. This means that anyone can join and participate in them freely. However, in most cases, they have certain rules and guidelines to follow.

These are the best digital nomad Reddit channels to subscribe to: 

1. Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad Reddit channel

This is the #1 channel for digital nomads. With over 1.4 million subscribers, if you´re looking for a community to find information about the digital nomad lifestyle, this one is just for you. 

People discuss everything about the nomad life, from personal experiences to topics like best gadgets or travel accessories. 

This Reddit channel is perfect if you want to learn more about:

  • How to travel on a budget
  • How to be productive while traveling 
  • Tips on cheap accommodation
  • Strategies to save money while traveling
  • The best coworking spaces 
  • Covid-19 restrictions (and related topics)

Channel rules: 

Digital Nomad channel rules

2. Travel

Travel Reddit channel

One of the main reasons people are embracing the digital nomad lifestyle is because of traveling. Some nomads love slow traveling; others like to meet different cities and countries in one week. In either case, getting to know more cultures, destinations, food, and different mindsets is exciting! 

If you’re unsure which places to visit, what cities have great wifi, and overall, which are the best digital nomad hangouts, the Travel subreddit is perfect for you. It has over 6.2 million digital nomads exchanging their stories. 

In this channel, you’ll mostly learn about:

  • Expectations vs. reality of many of the popular digital nomad hubs
  • The best cities to visit on a budget
  • How to move around without spending a lot of money
  • Backpacking in different regions story
  • Visa regulations due to Covid-19

Channel rules:

Travel Reddit channel rules
Travel channel reddit rules

3. Backpacking

Backpacking Reddit channel

Many digital nomads want to travel the world on a budget. And the backpacking Reddit community focuses precisely on how to travel more with less money.

This community has over 2.9 million backpackers who share all sorts of resources and valuable information. There´s not only one type of backpacker but there are those who are just looking for cheap locations, others who are solo travelers, others who are looking for adventure.

This channel is perfect if you:

  • Want to start full-time backpacking 
  • Are looking to travel while lowering your expenses
  • Want new destinations to travel to
  • Are traveling as a solo female backpacker around the world
  • Want to combine backpacking with your career as a digital nomad 

Many of the backpackers in the channel share their personal stories, pictures, and engage with other users who ask them questions about their journey. 

Channel rules: 

Backpacking reddit rules

4. Work Online

Work online reddit

Work Online has over 416k subscribers who mainly discuss making income online. As a digital nomad, one of the challenges is traveling while having a stable remote job.

If you´re unemployed and want to learn about good-income remote work opportunities, or if you´re simply looking for ways to have a side hustle, like monetizing your web, this channel provides the perfect place. 

In Work Online, you´ll learn mostly about:

  • Reddit best work from home jobs offers
  • Best online employers currently hiring
  • Online jobs to take as a digital nomad
  • How to make income online
  • How to be a location-independent entrepreneur 

One of the best things about the channel is perfect for people with different types of careers. From programmers to freelance writers, there are job opportunities for many! 

Channel rules:

Work Online Reddit channel rules

5. Remote Work

Remote Work Reddit channel

As a digital nomad, one of the biggest challenges you´ll experience is keeping up with all your responsibilities. Especially at the beginning, being productive while being on the road simultaneously is tricky. In this Reddit channel, teams, companies, and individuals share experiences, tips, tricks, tools, and everything related to remote work.

Even if you´re an established digital nomad, this channel is perfect for keeping updated with the latest tools and gaining knowledge with the experience of others who have succeeded working remotely. 

In this channel, you´ll learn mostly about:

  • Remote work experiences from individuals
  • How to manage a remote team while traveling
  • Advice for remote work newbies
  • Tricks to maintain a healthy work-life balance

Channel rules:

remote work channel rules

6. Freelance

The Freelance Reddit channel has over 290K members who share their tips and strategies around the freelancing world. Many digital nomads prefer the flexibility of freelancing instead of having a full-time job. 

If you want to learn the best tips about using platforms such as Upwork, People per hour, or Freelancer, freelancers share their expertise and answer questions. 

This channel is perfect for:

  • Those who want practical tips about freelancing
  • How to start offering your freelancing services
  • The best ways to get loyal clients as a freelancer
  • How to get the most out of freelancing platforms
  • The best platforms to get paid

Channel rules:

Freelance reddit channel rules
Freelance reddit channel rules
Freelance reddit channel rules

7. For Hire

For Hire reddit channel

For Hire is a vibrant community of over 262K people. The community focuses on helping people find jobs that pay well. Furthermore, one of their many rules is that offering or accepting a job under $15 an hour is insulting and unacceptable, and the channel removes such posts. 

If you´re looking for a reliable channel to get a job or professional opportunities, For Hire is a great place. 

For Hire focuses on:

  • Helping people get well-payed jobs
  • Help companies hire skilled professionals
  • Give space to people who are looking to expand their services

Channel rules: 

For Hire channel rules

8. I Want Out

I want out reddit channel

Part of being a digital nomad is constantly traveling. However, after a few months, it’s normal to want to settle somewhere permanently in some cases. If that´s your case, or you are simply interested in reading stories about expats in other countries, I Want Out is a great Reddit channel.

With 1.5 million members, this Reddit community focuses mostly on exchanging advice and stories about living in different countries. From visa regulations to culture and country lifestyle, you can understand how it is to live in certain countries before deciding to move. 

Here´s what I Want Out focuses mostly about:

  • Life in different countries
  • Stories about expats
  • Country and city-specific characteristics
  • Visa requirements 

Channel rules:

I Want Out Reddit channels

9. Beermoney


One of the hot topics around the web is how to make money online easily. And this Reddit channel is perfect for those digital nomads looking for ways to get extra cash. With a community of 999K members, you can learn from their experiences and strategies.

Something to keep in mind is that this channel is for those nomads looking for extra income opportunities. The community focuses primarily on discussing side hustle opportunities, not so much on stable or full-time jobs. 

Beermoney focuses on discussing:

  • Side-hustle opportunities
  • Reviews about surveys or “easy money” websites
  • Applications and websites you can earn money

Channel rules:

Beermoney Reddit channel rules
Beermoney channel rules

Getting the Most of Reddit as a Digital Nomad

The best part of using Reddit is how easy and simple it is to use. You just need to sign in and get started. Most of the communities, like the ones above, are public. Therefore, you don’t need to do anything to be part of them. You can ask all your doubts about becoming a digital nomad and listen to others’ experiences and advice.

If you´re an experienced nomad with many years on the road, you´ll still want to learn secret spots, saving tips, applications, visa regulations, and much more. And with the digital nomad Reddit channels, having this information at hand is easier than ever. 


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