Zagreb: Fastest Growing European Remote Work Hub 

European remote work hub

Zagreb is the fastest-growing European remote work hub in 2022. 

According to the NomadList data, Zagreb is one of the most vibrant locations for remote and digital nomads. Not only Croatia launches one of the first digital nomad visa schemes. The country also provides several activities for travelers seeking work connections and fun

After launching the first Digital Nomad Village and the Zagreb Digital Nomad Week, the country gained popularity. And NomadList 2022 ranks the city as the 4th best place for working travelers. Following Puerto Vallarta, Merida, and Antalya, Zagreb is the fastest-growing city for tourism and digital nomads. 

Remote Work Hub 

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From co-working spaces to networking activities, Zagreb is an ideal summer place. Affordable location and healthy food allow traveling to different cities. In addition, people can select their destination based on their professional preferences, looking for retreats or events. 

Finally, Zagreb is also featured in the top growing remote work hubs with affordable real estate. So, it’s likely that the city will keep growing as a European remote work hub.

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