Selina: New Site in Tulum for Digital Nomads

tulum digital nomads

Selina announces a new site in Tulum for digital nomads in the heart of the Mexican tropical forest.

Selina is one of the most vibrant hubs for digital nomads and adventurous travelers. On the Portuguese island, people can meet other professionals and create new connections worldwide. The company opened a new site in Tulum last week to meet digital nomads worldwide. 

The hotel is designed for people working and traveling. It offers modern coworking space areas, recreation, wellness, and unique local experiences. Mexico has been promoting different initiatives to attract digital nomads. And these politics created tensions between locals. 

The new Quintana Roo getaway provides an excellent alternative for both locals and travelers. Digital nomads can meet in the hotel and relax at one of Mexico’s top beach destinations. The location is created to focus on personal, physical, and mental well-being.

The new site for digital nomads in Tulum is an example of alternative workplaces promoting a different and healthier style of life. 


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