Mexico City Increases Rent For Digital Nomads 

Mexico City digital nomads

In Mexico City, the digital nomads’ trend is leading to a considerable increase in rent and housing deals. 

After the pandemic, Mexico became one of the fastest-growing hubs for digital and remote workers. The country offers numerous natural and urban landscapes, and it’s ideal for slow travelers. However, Mexico City rentals are rising as people from the US keep relocating because of remote working opportunities.

As a result, most landlords are terminating contracts with local tenants to create new agreements with digital nomads. According to the US State Department, almost 1.6 million US citizens are currently living in Mexico. As digital nomads move to Mexico City, rents and living costs increase. 

For example, over 5.3 million US tourists flew to Mexican airports only between January and May this year. As restrictions disappeared, most people started to travel again, taking advantage of remote work flexibility and hybrid arrangements. 

Most countries launched convenient visa schemes to attract remote workers, and now new implications are starting to emerge. For example, digital nomads in Mexico City also imply a rental increase and faster gentrification. 


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