Selina Expands to 16 New Locations To Meet the Digital Nomad Demand


Selina, the innovative platform that provides global hospitality services, will expand its hotel brand in the second quarter of 2022. New facilities will be inaugurated in Greece, Australia, Portugal, Panama, the United States, Morocco, and Israel. Simultaneously, eight additional properties were signed in Australia, the United States, Greece, Mexico, Portugal, Panama, and Israel, representing a 17% increase in Q1 in 20221. 

Selina estimates spending approximately $350 billion annually on travel developing destination experiences that appeal to a large and underserved group of travelers. These new properties aim to release an enhanced app to improve the guest experience and connectivity and a partnership with TechnoArt to provide digital nomads with the support and guidance they need to grow and expand. 

According to Hospitality Net, Rafael Museri, Selina´s Co-Founder and CEO, said: 

“We are excited to continue Selina’s expansion across six continents, enabling us to further immerse our brand’s programming, events, recreation, restaurants, and nightlife into the fabric of local communities with destinations that are authentic and relevant to locals and travelers alike.” 

Their purpose is to create value for local real estate owners, jobs for residents, and vibrant experiences for adventure seekers and digital nomads. 


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