UK and US Citizens Apply The Most for Thai Visa 

thai visa

The Thai government launched a very convenient long-term visa scheme after the pandemic.

The goal was to attract wealthy foreigners to boost the local economy. After that, about 400 people applied in the first 12 days for the Thai Visa. 

According to their data:

– 40% were retirees

– 30% were digital nomads 

– 30% split between wealthy global citizens and highly-skilled professionals

Most of them applied from US, UK, or China: 20% of applicants were Americans. After that, 25% of applications are from China. And 10% from the UK. The visa attracts both foreigners already living in the country and people that want to move out. 

Bangkok is one of the most active cities for digital nomads and entrepreneurs. As the government pushes to simplify visa processes, most people target the country to change lifestyles. So, the Thai visa will bring the country new opportunities for both internationals and locals. 


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