South Africa: Combine Remote Work And Travel Adventures

remote work and travel adventures

According to Cheapflights’s Work from Wherever Index, South Africa quickly becomes one of the best places to combine remote work and travel adventures. Run by KAYAK, Cheapflights analyzed 111 countries.

The ranking included:

  • Factors like travel costs and accessibility.
  • Local prices.
  • Health and safety.
  • Remote working capabilities.
  • Social life and the weather.

During the global pandemic, most South African countries embraced hybrid and remote models. In addition, cities like Cape Town have always been top destinations for digital nomads and travelers. 

As a result, South Africa is the 61st best country to combine remote work and travel adventure. However, the country takes the 5th position among the Middle East and African regions. Thanks to social life and English proficiency, South Africa quickly grows international tourism. 

According to the global ranking overview, there are the best countries to work and discover new places and cultures: 

As the pandemic still impacts daily life, most people keep working remotely. To recap, South Africa is quickly becoming one of the best places to combine remote work and travel adventure. In addition to social life and great weather, the country has convenient time zones with most foreign countries. 


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