Malta: New Nomad Residence Permit For Remote Workers

Malta Nomad Residence Permit

Malta launched a new Nomad Residence Permit for remote workers. And the WFH call is open for all non-European countries, including the United States. 

After two years of restrictions, remote workers can apply for a one-year Nomad Residence Permit in Malta. The WFH is open to all non-European countries. Further, Americans can also apply since August. After the summer, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention classified the country as a “Level 3.” 

In short, the Malta Tourism Authority specifies that travelers must: 

  • Be fully vaccinated (verification on Verifly app). The shot must be in the European Medicines Agency list, which includes Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, and Johnson & Johnson.
  • Provide proof of remote contract.
  • Work for a company outside of Malta.

In addition, remote workers can request to renew their permit at the end of the one-year program.

As Residency Malta CEO, Charles Mizzi said in an interview: “Malta jumped on the bandwagon of increased demand for remote working globally – as the pandemic shifted goalposts and set new trends. So, individuals who can work remotely […] are welcome. In conclusion, if there are any lessons from the pandemic is that people are willing to move more than ever before.”

Other European countries are targeting digital nomads to cope with restrictions. For example, Croatia, Albania, and Greece already promoted their Visa program. Now, Malta has launched the Nomad Residence Permit to restart the local economy. 


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