New Immigration Status For Digital Nomads: Free Taxes In Costa Rica

immigration status for digital nomads

Costa Rica. The Partido Liberación Nacional (PLN) approved a special immigration status for digital nomads. Above all, the visa includes exemption from paying income tax. In addition, digital nomads don’t pay import taxes on computers and the equipment to work remotely. 

This Tuesday, Carlos Ricardo Benavides (PLN) and Costa Rica’s immigration service (DGME) will launch the new immigration status for digital nomads. In short, the aim is to attract remote workers to the country for a more extended stay. 

According to the law, those eligible must have a remote job and non-resident immigration status. To clarify, the law targets only foreigners who provide services to international clients. Costa Ricans working for foreign companies aren’t allowed these benefits.

Specifically, digital nomads must provide:

  • proof of a stable monthly remuneration
  • fixed income
  • Average monthly income equal to, or greater than, US$3,000. For two people or family groups, the average monthly payment is US$4,000.
  • Local health insurance

The term of the immigration benefit is one year. Digital nomads can extend to two years after 180 days in the country. With the immigration status for digital nomads, foreigners can use their driver’s license and open a bank account in a Costa Rican bank.

The Costa Rica government will officially sign to approve the law this week. Costa Rica targets digital nomads and remote workers to restart the local economy.


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