Having a Bad Day at Work? Check Out the 15 Best Remote Work Memes

Remote work memes

Just like remote work, memes have existed for a long time. Also, just like the pandemic brought remote work into the limelight, humor became central to our “lockdown” lives. These past months have been quite serious. What better way to take a break from all the news and binge scroll some memes? Especially remote work memes! They can express our true emotions and frustrations towards remote work while making us laugh too. A meme is worth a thousand words!

Scroll through for a laugh riot and share these with your remote work colleagues, the good and not so nice ones 🙂

1. And we can only imagine what day 365 will be like!

Work from home memes

2. Who is with me on this one?

Work from home funny

Credit: www.ahseeit.com

3. Why should programmers have all the fun?

Hilarious work from home memes

4. It’s all in the past now

Working from home memes covid

Credits: www.imgflip.com 

5. Oh! The vibes from those who can’t have this life

Work from home memes that are hilariously accurate

Credits: www.imgflip.com 

6. Armchair critics? Hmmmm..

Work from home memes

Credits: www.imgflip.com 

7. Ummm… PJs paired with a shirt are the new trend

Remote work memes

Credits: www.Pinterest.com 

8. Where’s my gun?- Meme

Work from home memes funny

9. You saw it coming

Remote work memes

Credits: www.imgflip.com

10. While some of you go out of business…

Work from home memes that are hilariously accurate

Credits: www.knowyourmeme.com 

11. Errr…. In 15 min, sir?

Hilarious work from home memes

Credit: www.rd.com 

12. Oh! That professionalism is to die for

Remote work memes

Credits: www.mematic.com 

13. Family guy

Working from home memes COVID

Credits: www.imgflip.com 

14. Time to update that resume with listed remote work experience and find a permanent remote job…

Remote work memes

Credits: theMadOz on Reddit

15. The purrrfect work environment

Hilarious work from home memes

Credits: www.icanhascheezburger.com 

Bonus Meme:

With so many perks being a part of your remote work life, how can this meme list be complete without a bonus?

Dreaming of that ‘perfect workstation’ since forever…

Work from home expectation vs reality meme

Source: www.imgflip.com 

These memes are relatable for many of you who have embraced the remote work lifestyle. Share one of these every day in your work group for laughs. And don’t forget to bookmark this page because we will keep adding more to this list from time to time. Whenever you’re having a bad day at work, just come over. More remote work memes will be waiting for you.

Still not motivated after seeing these memes? Then check this guide right here.

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