6 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work As a Digital Nomad

stay motivated working remotely

The lifestyle of a digital nomad sounds like a dream. You can work and travel, set up your daily routine, and stay home when you fancy working from your kitchen table. 

Do you remember Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin? At some point, the song says, ‘there’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold.’ The lady was clearly wrong. Not all that glitters is gold. And perfect examples of this are digital nomads. 

Their lifestyle can be lavish, but it isn’t as easy as it looks from the outside. Finding strategies to stay motivated working remotely was hard for many digital nomads worldwide. It is a challenge that you can overcome, however. You just need to find the right strategies to keep yourself motivated!

How To Remain Motivated While Working Remotely?

There are tons of challenges when working from home or in a coffee. Distractions like external noises, crying babies, cleaning tasks, or even just your pillow, are always there triggering your focus and good intentions for the day. Even if you are traveling, finding ways to stay motivated as a digital nomad is hard.   

Especially after a year of endless quarantines and lack of social meetings, days are identical to each other. For months, going out shopping or walking in the park has been a treat. The real challenge isn’t finding the right motivation but remaining motivated through time. 

You can’t control a global pandemic, but you can find strategies to take the best from a digital nomad lifestyle. 

6 Tips To Stay Motivated As a Digital Nomad

motivate yourself as a digital nomad

1. Get A Routine

Since school, you heard that a solid routine is the key to success. Well, it’s true. The good thing about being a digital nomad is that you can set up the routine you want. Traveling and working remotely means balancing out free time with deadlines and team meetings. Do you want to do sports, breakfast and then work? As long as you are there when you need to, why not? Or you can focus on the heavy tasks at the beginning of the week to have more free time. Maybe you can work in the evening to have the day off and enjoy the sun. 

As long as you have enough discipline to keep track of deadlines and responsibilities, any type of routine is possible for a digital nomad

2. Set Goals And Do Tasks That Energize You

The key to setting an accessible and efficient routine is having clear goals in mind. If you need to, take a couple of days to plan your future goals. Where do you want to be in a year? In the same company or set up the foundations for your project? If you know where you want to be, it’s easier to find daily motivation for monotonous tasks. If you push through the first few weeks remembering why you need to do what you are doing, one day, it will feel like the most natural thing to do. 

Just remember to add to your routine tasks that give you a boost of energy. Indeed, it’s a good thing to prioritize heavy and dull tasks. But sometimes, you can also prioritize tasks that you enjoy more. Doing what you love, you will feel more motivated when dealing with heavy and important tasks.

3. Seek For Inspiration

In your routine, don’t forget to leave time to seek inspiration. It can be a good book or a new compilation of music to listen to when working from home. Or you can look for podcasts and Ted talks to inspire you with new ideas for your business. Listening to other people’s experiences helps more than you think. 

Being a digital nomad sometimes feels like being alone with your challenges behind a computer. But that’s just a feeling. Everyone who tried lifestyle faced some challenges and can give brilliant insights. And you might find out that you aren’t so lonely after all. 

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4. Look For Digital Communities 

Especially if you are traveling, local communities are a great way to make connections with other digital nomads. These communities are easier to find than you expect. Starting from Facebook, you can find communities like Female Digital Nomads or other pages promoting online and physical meetups for digital nomads. 

Also, you can look for solutions like The Nomad Escape, where for a week you can join a group of remote professionals and share ideas with masterminds and go to workshops. Meeting people from different backgrounds and similar goals is the best way to boost your daily motivation and find new inspiration. 

5. Exercise 

After a year of quarantine, you are probably tired of hearing how beneficial sports can be. The reason why everyone got mad about sports is that it actually helps. First, your body gets a chemical reaction and feels more relaxed and energized. Secondly, your mind can let go of frustration and stress while doing exercises. If you aren’t a sporty person, you can find alternatives like walking outside, avoiding the car, or get motivated by doing exercise with friends. 

6. Don’t Forget To Reward Yourself 

Last but not least, remember to take breaks and reward yourself. Building a solid routine is hard, and sometimes the workload is overwhelming. That’s why it is important to schedule free time. You need to reward yourself and leave a free spot during the week to chill out. That’s your moment to celebrate your results and your effort. With time, you will start to look for that moment, and you will be even more motivated to finish your tasks! 

Stay Motivated And Get The Perfect Remote Job! 

To recap, the best way to keep yourself motivated every day is to find a routine that works for you. Set up your home office, get your technology ready, and push yourself to stick with the plan. That’s the hardest part. In the beginning, never allow yourself to change planning. You said on Monday you work until 13.00 and then you stop to have a quick yoga class and then lunch. Do it. Even if your yoga class is a Youtube video and you didn’t finish your task. 

Once you find your routine, getting stuff done will be your second nature. And if you leave enough time for your hobbies and free time, you will always find the right motivation!


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