Best Companies with Maternity Leave for Remote Workers

jobs with maternity leave

If having kids is in your future, then you’ll want to look for jobs with maternity leave. 

While most industrialized countries around the globe make paid maternity leave a requirement, there are still countries that don’t, including Australia, New Zealand, and the United States

As a remote worker, you can work with employers from around the globe, giving you access to improved working conditions, including jobs with paid maternity leave.

Remote Companies That Offer Maternity Leave

To help you find the perfect role that will allow you to combine the flexibility of remote working with starting or expanding your family, we’ve done the research and come up with this list of companies with the best maternity leave.

CompanyIndustryMaternity Leave 
AutomaticOnline publishing and commerce36 weeks
DuolingoTranslation AppFully paid
EtsyOnline retailer26 weeks
LogRocketData Analysis3 months
MantlFintechFully paid
NetflixStreaming Service1 year
The Black TuxTuxedo Rental ServiceFully Paid
VTSReal Estate Software16 for the primary carer, 6 for secondary
SyndioWorkplace Equity16 weeks
Zest FinanceFintech12 weeks maternity, 6 weeks paternity

1. Automattic

Fancy joining the team behind, Jetpack, and Woocommerce? 

That’s Automattic, and the coding giant hires from all around the globe. They focus on hiring software engineers, but they also have openings for positions in business development and supporting roles.

Automattic offers a generous 36 weeks of parental leave, making them one of the companies with great maternity leave.

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2. Duolingo

Passionate about teaching languages? Well, this app for language learning offers some great benefits to their staff, including fully paid parental and adoption leave. Most of their current vacancies are office based, but they do support hybrid working and also hire for fully remote roles.

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3. Etsy

Do you love all things handmade? Etsy has made a name for itself as a global craft marketplace, and they have offices around the globe and a hybrid working model. They also provide a generous 26 weeks of gender-neutral parental leave. They’re currently recruiting in finance, legal, marketing, design, and other departments.

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4. LogRocket

This company has a variety of roles available, including sales, marketing, engineering, product development, and customer success. They offer a wide range of benefits, including unlimited paid time off and 3  months of paid parental leave – maternity, paternity, and adoption.

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5. Mantl

This Fintech company offers employees a wide range of benefits, including paid parental leave. They have open positions at their NYC offices, but you can also work remotely at vacancies in software engineering, finance, and sales.

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6. Netflix

Offering an amazing 52 weeks of parental leave, it’s no surprise to see the streaming giant make it to the list of companies with great maternity leave. With offices around the world and a remote working policy, there is plenty of variety in the roles available.

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7. The Black Tux

As the name implies, this is a tuxedo rental company that hires people to work at their premises and as Ambassadors in Nordstrum stores, as well as remotely. They currently have remote jobs that offer paid maternity leave in their marketing department.

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8. VTS

How does software that supports real estate companies sound? That’s what VTS offers. They’re currently recruiting for a number of customer success roles, as well as engineering, IT, Security, and a range of other positions. Their work-from-home maternity leave offer includes 16 weeks for the primary caregiver and 6  for the secondary. You and your partner can split that however, you like.

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9. Syndio

As you might expect, this workplace equity company is one of the best maternity leave companies, offering 16 weeks of paid parental leave alongside medical, dental, vision, and flexible time off – including voting leave. They’re currently hiring for a wide range of roles.

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10. Zest Finance

This company offers 12 weeks maternity and 6  weeks paternity leave to their team, whether you work in their Burbank head office or remotely; while it’s on the lower end of companies that offer maternity leave, it’s still something! They’re looking to add Data Scientists, Scrum Masters, and Technical Recruiters to their team right now.

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Which Company Gives Most Maternity Leave?

When it comes to companies with the best maternity leave, Netflix wins hands down. They offer an entire year of gender-neutral parental leave! 

Which Company Has Highest Paternity Leave?

While some countries are only just realizing the need for offering maternity leave, the EU has just made paternity leave mandatory. Starting at 10 days, it’s capped at four weeks. Even that is paltry compared to Netflix’s incredible 52 weeks of parental leave.

How Many US Companies Offer Paid Maternity Leave? 

While 40% of companies offer paid parental leave in the US, not all employees can access that benefit. In fact, just 23% of staff have jobs with maternity leave (or paternity leave).

What Do Most Companies Offer For Maternity Pay?

This varies considerably, depending on what part of the world you are in. The USA, New Zealand, and Australia are the only industrialized nations that don’t have some form of legal requirement. 
In the UK, for example, you will receive six weeks of ‘statutory maternity pay, which may be topped up by your employer to your full salary. In the US, the number of leaves ranges from a few weeks to a full year. 

Jobs with Maternity Leave are Increasing

The pandemic made staff realize the benefits of working from home, including spending more time with children. We can expect employers to start offering their teams improved maternity and parental leave options, even with remote jobs. If you’re looking to start a family, there are plenty of options of remote companies hiring that can give you the considerations you need when becoming a parent – good luck!


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