Where to Find Top Paying Remote Fintech Jobs

Remote fintech jobs

When looking for a new job opportunity,there are plenty of places to look, whether it’s a simple google, browsing job sites, or using LinkedIn. Financial Technology Jobs are no exception, but whether you’re new to the sector or you’ve worked in it for years, it’s not always easy to judge whether the jobs on offer are the best opportunity for you. That’s why we’ve pulled together this list to guide you to the best paying Fintech Jobs.

Why Fintech?

Fintech continues to be a rapidly expanding sector, with almost 6,000 start-ups launching last year in North America alone and 64% of people using two or more fintech platforms each year. With that sort of growth, it’s no wonder that jobs in fintech are looking appealing to job hunters of all kinds. 

What Skills are Needed?

With the industry growing at this rate, it’s not surprising that there’s a slight skill shortage for financial tech jobs. Premium rates go to the people with  these much-needed skills but don’t worry if you don’t – many companies are well aware that they are going to need to train up candidates to meet the demand for new staff.

  • Blockchain Developers
  • Programming Skills
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Cybersecurity

Best Fintech Companies To Work For 


Ever bought someone in a ‘buy now, pay later’ scheme through an online retailer? If so, you might have used Affirm’s services already. Coming from a principle that finance shouldn’t be complicated, this company has a ‘remote first’ commitment to  employees. They do have offices all over the world, though, if that’s more your style. You can view all their current openings here, which include:

Machine Learning Model Validation Lead

This role involves developing challenges to the Machine Learning Model and partnering with internal and external colleagues to help drive improvements. Affirm is  looking for someone with over three years’ experience in model validation or data science and strong coding and problem-solving skills. You can apply here


The name comes from the idea of David vs Goliath, with Dave challenging the big players in the banking world to offer an alternative solution that better meets the needs of modern life. They started by  looking at overdraft protection and budgeting and have built from there. They’ve got a variety of different fintech jobs, including:

QA Engineer – Automation

Join the Dave ‘squad’ in a role that helps identify any issues with their software automations. You’ll also be prioritising issues and debugging, along with maintaining the test bed. Priorities for Dave are a year or more of experience in a similar role, including using Git, Github, and Jira. In return, you get medical, dental, and vision plans alongside a home office stipend (and a competitive salary). Apply here


If you’re interested in expense management, then a career at Divvy might be right up your street. They have multiple product lines that help businesses manage expenses, including virtual cars and spending  and expense management. Divvy is one of the fintech companies hiring both for roles in their Utah head office and remotely. Their current openings include:

Product Specialist (Tier One) USA based

This customer support role consists in responding  to calls and chat inquiries  and resolving them to the best of your ability. You’ll have strong empathy and communication skills, and be comfortable using a wide range of different software. Apply here.


Figure is leading the way in using blockchain for loan origination. If you’re looking for a values-based organization, this could be it, as they are committed to Equal Opportunities and a culture of mutual respect. Their team has grown 88.5% in the last year, and they were Tech Tribunes Best Startup in 2021. They’re hiring for a range of roles right now, some in their offices but many remote. You can see their latest openings here,  which include:

Senior Accountant (Nevada or Remote)

Figure is hoping to find a senior accountant interested in blockchain and a real eye for detail. You’ll have a degree in accounting, three years or more relevant experience, and a CPA license  or similar. In return, you’ll be getting a competitive salary, stock options, and a home office stipend. Apply here.


The kids and teens banking app provides young people with their own secured debit cards. A value’s driven firm, Greenlight is doing its best to improve civic involvement for disenfranchised young people. If you fancy joining a business on a mission, they list their current openings here, which include:

Senior Database Administrator (Remote)

Greenlight is looking for a DBA familiar with SQL/No SQL databases, including disaster recovery plans and managing access controls. You’ll need experience with AWS RDS Aurora, DynamoDB, or Redis (AWS Elasticache) and performance monitoring. Greenlight is  quiet on the compensation package, but they do stress they are an equal opportunities employer. Apply here


Formerly known as LendingHome, Kiavi are a property funder, as the old name suggests. They work with real estate investors, supporting them to raise the funds they need for their next purchase. They’re changing the way this funding is raised, speeding the process up, and cutting paperwork. They’re hiring for a variety of roles right now, and you can see them all here, which includes:

Senior Data Scientist – Risk

Kiavi is  looking for a data scientist to  help with data modeling and risk analysis. You’ll be adept with advanced data manipulation and machine learning to support Kiavi in making sound lending decisions. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in maths, computer science, or similar (even better if it’s a Master’s) and be comfortable with rapidly changing tasks. Apply here


We can’t really talk about Fintech without discussing the omnipresent payment provider, PayPal. They really don’t need an introduction, as they’ve spearheaded online payment for decades now. But if you’re interested in working for them, they list their vacancies here, which include:

Software Engineer (Full Stack)

This role is within the Risk Security Experiences Team at PayPal, and you’ll be involved in working on two-factor authentication and other security processes for the payment company. They are looking for someone with solid full-stack experience, problem-solving, and great communication skills. You can apply here


The eCommerce giant is recruiting! With a work anywhere policy and a focus on entrepreneurial spirit, Shopify is  looking for staff who can help them sustain their already impressive growth and continue to the next level. Their full list of vacancies is here, which includes:

UX Manager (Remote, Americas)

At Shopify, UX Managers are given responsibility for a particular set of products and their associated workflows. You’ll need experience managing a team of designers, empathy for the user experience, and great communication skills. You can apply here.


With over 1000 roles currently available, Square is one of the biggest Fintech companies hiring right now. You may have heard of Square, as they are one of the leading card readers to businesses of all sizes. Formed in 2009, its  success has seen them expand across the globe, including Japan and Australia. You can browse all their vacancies here, which include:

Industry Relations and Operations, Relationship Lead (Remote)

This role involves managing relationships with Square’s strategic partners around the globe, helping the company grow and adapt to the ever-changing landscape. They’re looking for someone with over 7 years of experience in the payment industry and a proven track record in commercial negotiations. You can apply here


Toast is a restaurant-first point of sale system that is ranked as G2’s number one. They offer a low price point and high-end delivery that is tailored for the restaurant business and includes a zero up-front cost option for startups. They list their vacancies here which currently include:

Software Engineer (remote)

This is a development role with a difference as you’ll be working on the tools that Toast’s UX developers work in. Very meta! You’ll have strong analytical skills to help inform decisions and be a great mentor to your peers. Toast offers unlimited annual leave, a great benefits package, and a wellness stipend. You can apply here

Looking for the Perfect Fintech Job?

As you can see, there is a wide range of roles working in Fintech, whether you work on the financial or technical side, or somewhere in between. 

If you have experience then those skills are highly sought after, and if you don’t then there are plenty of opportunities to bring your transferable skills into the sector and gain experience that way. Either way, we wish you the best of luck on your Fintech job hunt!


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