Once Again, Employees Aim For Remote Jobs

aim remote jobs

According to the Middle East leading job site Bayt.com, 86% of professionals aim for remote jobs in 2022. 

The consequences of the pandemic still impact work decision-making. However, data show positive expectations among employees. In the MENA region, 90% of professionals are optimistic about 2022. And, 80% feel satisfied with professional growth in 2021. Finally, 56% of respondents prioritize finding new job opportunities as 2022 New Year resolutions.

Nevertheless, this 2022 New Year’s Resolution Poll shows other important data. Indeed, 86% of professionals aim for remote jobs rather than on-site positions. 

According to The Economistremote work is a rising trend worldwide. And surveys from the MENA area confirm the trend. If 15% of respondents hope for 100% remote-jobs, 53% prefer hybrid models.

However, why people prefer remote jobs are very different:

  • Comfortable work area (52%)
  • No commute to work (53%)
  • Money savings (41%)
  • More time with family and friends (41%)
  • Decline of absenteeism rate (39%)

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Remote jobs still come with challenges like tech equipment (41%), blurring personal and professional life (36%), and isolation (34%). Despite challenges, people learned how to deal with wor fro home. And, in the MENA area and beyond, professionals keep aiming for remote jobs in 2022.


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