Working Parents Prefer Remote Work

Working parents remote work

FlexJobs found 61% of parents prefer to work remotely full-time in a recent survey, and 37% would rather a hybrid approach. Further, 62% of working parents say they would leave their current job without a remote work option.

FlexJobs interviewed over 1,100 working parents with children (18 or younger) living at home. Working from home, 21% of working families were able to save around $200 per week. Besides, 66% think that remote work will improve gender equity – although the female workforce hit a 33-year low in 2021.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 38% of working parents had to reduce working hours or quit a full-time position because of childcare responsibilities during the pandemic. (Also in: Dixon, Drew. “First Coast Unemployment Rate Falls.” Florida Times-Union, Florida Times-Union, 17 May 2014, p. B.6.). Even before the COVID crisis, over 51% of working parents notice better productivity working remotely. Career development manager and coach at FlexJobs and Brie Weiler Reynoldsadds believes in the potential of remote work for parents. 

As he states: “Given the added stressors from pandemic living, the fact that 62% of working parents who worked remotely during the pandemic would give up their jobs if forced back to the office says a lot about how valuable remote work has been to them.”

While most companies are improving remote models for employees, working parents prefer remote work and inspire new models.

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