The Real Reasons Why People Want to Continue Working Remotely: Pets, Naps, TV, and Appearance Concerns

Working from home with pets

The biggest reason why people want to continue working remotely is because of a better work-life balance. But what does this mean? According to a survey by Digital, the four main reasons employees don’t want to return to the office are:

  • Their pets.
  • Taking naps during the day or exercising.
  • Watching TV
  • They don’t want to be concerned about their appearance. 

Last year, when remote work happened overnight for many, most employees didn’t have the necessary equipment. Most of them worked from their beds (and still do), and others had to improvise a designated workspace. However, despite the difficulties, most employees have enjoyed the benefits of remote work. 

While being more productive, no-commuting, and having fewer distractions are other significant benefits of working from home, there are more reasons why employees love it. 

4 Reasons Why Employees Love Working From Home 

Digital conducted different surveys in the year to learn more about how employees are coping with remote work. They found out earlier this year that 51% of employees believe they are more productive at home than at the office. Yet, their latest findings suggest that productivity isn’t the real reason employees enjoy working from home.

In a recent report, they surveyed 1,000 remote workers to find out what keeps them tied to the remote work lifestyle. These are the results:

1. 75% want to stay home with their pets: As it has been more than a year of owners spending 24/7 with their pets, most of them said this is one of the primary reasons why they don’t want to return to the office.  

2. 73% love watching TV while working: 3 in 4 respondents said that remote work allows them to watch tv, listen to podcasts or music while working. 

3. 72% want the freedom to nap or exercise throughout the day: Most remote workers love doing a bit of exercise or taking a nap to recharge during their lunch break. Chances are that if they return to the office, they will have to resign those privileges. Something that most aren’t willing to do. 

4. 62% are concerned about their appearances: More than half of the respondents say that after not seeing their coworkers for a long time, they are worried about gaining or losing weight, not having the right clothes, or investing more time in the way they look. 

Check out the report here. 


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