New Year’s Work Resolutions To Inspire Your 2023

Work new year resolutions

How many of the new year’s resolutions 2022 have you completed? Will you be able to accomplish everything you intend to do this year? Whether you achieve all your goals or not, we are approaching that time again when new year’s resolutions come into mind. 

Here’s a thought: instead of the same old tired list of goals like losing weight or quitting smoking, why not consider work new year resolutions? After all, you spend more time working than you do with any other activity. Plus, a great work life is conducive to a better personal life.

Here are 11  work new year resolution ideas to help you become a happier and more productive employee in 2023.

New Year’s Resolutions Ideas: 11 Professional Work Goals for Remote Workers

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1. Be More Organized 

A cluttered home office can negatively impact your productivity. If you spent less time looking through your desk drawers and piles, you would have more time to do tasks.

As you welcome the new year, look at your remote office or workspace and ask yourself a few questions: 

  • What is useful and what isn’t? 
  • What items are taking up too much space? 

Remove everything you don’t need, donate what you can and then store everything else in a neat way that doesn’t take up too much room.

With a decluttered desk, you will have improved focus and increased productivity.

2. Avoid Procrastination

We are all guilty of procrastinating from time to time. Perhaps it is because work is too stressful or you feel overwhelmed by too many tasks. It is a habit that most of us have, but there is no reason to keep making the same mistakes year after year.

Stop putting off taking that online course (I’m also guilty), start reading that book on your shelf that you have been meaning to read for a while, and start working on that big project that has been hanging over you for months.

Here are a few tricks to help you beat procrastination in the new year: 

  • Get the day started with the least desirable task.
  • Break your day’s goals into smaller tasks.
  • After each assignment, reward yourself.
  • Create a mental picture of how your actions today will affect you in the long run.

3. Learn a New Skill

Considering how competitive the working world is today, it is never too early to start learning new skills that will set you apart from others. Upskilling should be part of every remote employee’s work new year resolutions. 

It doesn’t matter how good things are for you now – there is always room for improvement, and learning new things can be one of the best ways to do it. Plus, with the speed at which technology advances, there is always something new to learn, so you might as well jump on the bandwagon and start training yourself for a better future.

One perk of remote work is that you can manage your time more efficiently and learn at your own pace. 

Check out Coursera, Udemy, Lynda, or Google to learn new skills for free or at a minimal cost.

4. Take Breaks Every Day

Most remote workers try to overcompensate by working more hours than they usually would in an office setting. The problem with that approach is that without proper breaks throughout the day, it will eventually take its toll on your productivity and health. 

So in the new year, make it a point to take breaks every day to recharge your brain and keep it functioning at its best capacity. Walking breaks between work have been shown to increase creativity. Stanford University researchers found that walking led to more creative thinking when people tackled mental tasks requiring imagination.

Furthermore, you should make time for everything. If you are eating lunch, for example, don’t eat while working. Finish your lunch and return to work afterward – your work will still be there when you return.

If you are a remote work leader or manager, mandate this break for all your employees as well – it will help you create a better working environment for everyone on your team. Lead by example and set a precedent for your employees to follow.

5. Connect with Your Coworkers

Good work life isn’t just about meeting deadlines and finishing projects successfully. Your relationship with your coworkers is also crucial. A healthy working relationship in the office can increase productivity, decrease stress and make the work environment more enjoyable.

Forming positive relationships with other remote workers can be tricky as they might be in entirely different time zones or barely available due to other commitments. Check-ins or water cooler chats can make everyone feel like they’re part of the team, regardless of their physical location. 

6. Go the Extra Mile

A professional new year’s resolution should be to reach new heights in your career. Going the extra mile doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself working to present yourself at work like a robot. Setting small quality standards daily and aiming for excellence is all it takes. 

Draw up a schedule and set goals for yourself – achievable goals that will challenge you to push your limits, but do so without going overboard.

7. Build Healthy Habits

In addition to your work new year resolutions, plan towards making positive changes in your life too. Things like drinking more water, taking more breaks, and exercising will not only improve your health but will also improve your focus. As a result, you will be able to maintain a higher level of stamina during the day. Remember that health is wealth.

8. Eat Healthier

Every new year, people make resolutions to lose weight or eat healthier. That shouldn’t be any different for remote workers. In times of non-stop work, we tend to let our positive habits slip away. But eating healthier doesn’t have to be complicated. Start with a simple resolution like cooking more for yourself to reduce junk food and eating out.

Cooking is mostly just taking your time and making simple recipes – that shouldn’t take much time out of your day, and you don’t even have to learn how to cook if you have never done so. 

To keep your busy life on track, equip your kitchen with accessories like an Instant Pot, pressure cooker, or slow cooker. Getting more fruits and vegetables in your diet will also help.

9. Take Mental Health Days

Although there is more awareness and acceptance, there is still a stigma associated with mental health. Worse, some companies don’t encourage workers to take mental health days. And this can take a toll on productivity as well as the overall morale of the team. 

Endeavor to create time to take care of yourself in general. Take a short break whenever you need to. To stay accountable and motivated, document your work progress weekly, including your work new year’s resolutions.

10. Take Vacations! 

Whether it is a long weekend getaway or several months off, planning a vacation is a great way to recharge and refocus. Prioritize your vacation dates and pencil them in on your calendar – that way, you won’t forget. 

Making a plan in advance will give you something to look forward to throughout the year and might even provide the motivation you need to keep up with your work new year’s resolutions.

11. Get Enough Sleep

Work-life balance is vital as getting your sleep right can keep you motivated and productive. Getting enough sleep means you can function normally the next day, so stick to your schedule. Set aside at least eight hours each night to sleep and rest your eyes.

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12. Drink Less Caffeine

Do you go too hard on caffeine? Try cutting back on your coffee intake in 2023 by drinking less coffee and other caffeine sources like soda and chocolates. 

Consuming too much caffeine can lead to health problems like anxiety, irritability, heart palpitations, and even insomnia in the long run – and if you’re already feeling anxious from working remotely, these side effects will only worsen.

13. Learn to Cook for One

Avoid having too many leftovers. Instead, learn how to cook for one, so you can avoid eating the same thing repeatedly during the week – this can also help you save money and eat healthier food while limiting food waste. 

15. Do a Cartwheel

This might be the most daunting of all work new year’s resolutions – but do it anyway. Get into the habit of doing cartwheels every morning when you get up – not only will it get your blood flowing and energize you for the day ahead, but it can also improve flexibility and coordination as you age.

16. Make time for Romance

We get it. You have many goals to achieve in the new year, and romance can be at the bottom of your priority list – but remember to prioritize your relationship too. 

Whether it’s a romantic date night with your partner or a day spent with your children, make sure you find time for your love life too. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Setting Your Goals for 2023

As the year winds down, we can reflect on how we did this year and identify areas we can improve next year – just like what you would do with your annual performance review at work. 

Now is a good time to jot down your work new year resolutions for next year and determine how you will accomplish them. Laying out your goals on paper helps you get a sense of achievement as you tick them off your list as you progress through the year.

With goals in place, you can move forward in 2023 with confidence that you are already working towards your destination and not floundering around without any direction.

At ThinkRemote, we wish you a great remote work year!


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