Pet-friendly Workplaces Attract Better Talent 

pet-friendly workplaces

After the pandemic, most people changed their work priorities. And now, pet-friendly workplaces attract better talent. 

As the Great Resignation continues, the trend of looking for a new job is still high in the US (over 44%). Attracting and retaining talent implies alternative strategies for employees, starting with flexible arrangements and a better work-life balance

And pet-friendly workplaces are a winning choice as much as remote work options. People expect other perks besides promotions, rewards, and parking spots: pets, bikes, and electricity. 

Following the first lockdown, most people got a new pet at home because of remote work schedules. As a result, recent studies found that 46% of owners would change their current jobs to a pet-friendly workplace. Furthermore, the so-called ‘pandemic pets’ got used to having their owner around all day. So, pet care is becoming as important as child care for most people looking for a job. 

In addition, the pandemic made people more aware of sustainable mobility. From e-scooters, bikes, and electric cars, people expect charges and dedicated parking spots for their electric vehicles

Finally, companies offering training to work remotely in fields like law, accounting, design, or project management have more chances to attract talent.

Pet-friendly workplaces and e-parking are just two examples of the workforce changing following the pandemic. From a better work-life balance to a lack of commuting time, people want to work in a dynamic environment without forgetting their personal commitments. 

As most jobs are transferring online, e-parkings and pet-friendly workplaces are new strategies to attract talent and retain employees.


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