The Happiest About Working From Home? Pets!

working from home pets

According to the Qualtrics survey, pets are happiest about working from home!

The benefits of remote work aren’t a secret anymore. From working mums to CEOs, most people prefer remote and hybrid arrangements, even in a post-pandemic scenario. From more flexibility to lack of commute, working from home options have new fans: Pets.

After the pandemic, most US workers had experienced remote work arrangements for over two years. According to the survey, the majority of people noticed an improvement in personal relationships:  

  • 68% got closer to family members
  • 40% said their family life improved
  • 41% achieved a better work-life balance 
  • 35% reported no changes
  • 89% said their children were happier with parents working from home

Finally, 95% of respondents said their pets are happier when owners work from home. And another survey by US-based pet company Honest Paws found that the feeling is mutual. According to their findings, US workers feel less work-related stress when a co-worker’s dog (48%) or cat (46%) ‘breaks into’ a Zoom meeting.

However, the survey also found that 24% of people were unhappy with their remote work experience. The most common reasons relate to financial issues (27%) and mental health (31%) during the pandemic.  

For sure, pets help with working from home. They create a relationship with their owners, and help them keep a healthy routine – you have to feed and take care of another living being. On the other hand, pets prefer working from home to enjoy their owners all day!  


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