Google: Free Electric Scooters to Return To The Office

Google return office

Google is pushing to return to the office. It’s no secret. The company plans to bring its employees back in April. And it’s offering free electric scooters as an incentive.   

The tech giant joins forces with the e-scooter factory Unagi. The aim is to launch “Ride Scoot,” a new program to incentivize employees to return to the office. So, Google will provide a free monthly subscription to US-based workers. For example, the Model One ($990 on the market) is a lightweight dual-motor scooter with a range of 15.5 miles (20mph).

The program’s goal is to improve mobility for employees and facilitate their return to the office. Thanks to eclectic scooters, Google workers can quickly move in the city, avoiding traffic and petrol costs.  

Over two years of lockdown and restrictions highly changed working habits and priorities. People got used to working from home and saving commuting time for other activities. During the pandemic, Google spent millions to expand its real estate and promote an efficient return to the office.

However, most of its employees got used to working from home, expressing a clear preference for work-from-home options. To incentivize return to the office, Google added the possibility of a free scooter to go to work. In addition, the company raised $10 million in venture capital funding to offer alternative ownership. With subscriptions from $50/month, customers can have an Unagi’s Model One, including maintenance and insurance. 

For Google’s employees, Unagi will set specifics plans with offices reimbursable by Google. But, they need to commute at least nine times per month to have a refund. 

Different companies are planning to return to the office. However, employees don’t want to give post-pandemic flexibility. And leading companies have to find alternative strategies to promote their office culture. 


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