New Fund For Rising Global Demand For Pets

global demand pets

Today, TrustedHousesitters secured €8.64 million in Series A funding to keep expanding the US market. Focusing on California, the investment will keep up with the rising global demand for pets. 

After the pandemic, most people decided to welcome new animal friends into their homes. For example, over 3.2 million UK homes got a pet over lockdown. However, the global demand for pets isn’t increasing without consequences. Everyday life is slowly starting back. And more people are looking for alternatives for their pets to avoid the stress of moving or traveling.

TrustedHousesitters is the world’s largest pet-sitting network. The Brighton-based company doubled its revenues after the pandemic. With this last round of funds from Rockpool Investments, the organization aims to expand in California. 

Since 2010, TustedHousesitters has facilitated over four million pets across 130 countries. It works with an annual membership (£99). Owners have a direct exchange with pet sitters living in their houses. This arrangement allows owners to travel and work remotely from other countries without stressing their pets. As a result, TrustedHousesitters reached over 30,000 new owner and sitter members since travel restrictions were lifted.

As CEO of TrustedHousesitters, Mathew Prior, says: “We are excited to grow our membership base in the United States and across the world. And assure new and existing pet owners that they can travel without worry. A verified sitter cares for their animals as if they were their own. Our sitters provide genuine one-to-one love and care in the comfort of the pets’ homes. So, owners don’t have to worry about making their beloved pets feel anxious about being separated from their own familiar and safe environment.”


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