Odd Jobs You Can Do From Home

Odd remote jobs

As the global acceptance of hybrid workplaces and remote work gained traction, one of the lingering questions was, how inclusive is the idea? Not everyone can offer copywriting, coding, or graphic design services over the internet. The great thing about the internet is that there are odd jobs that just about anyone can do. For instance, you can be a meme maker or a rented friend. You don’t need to have a college degree or be an expert in a field to be able to make money online. 

In this piece, we have compiled a list of 10 odd online jobs you can pursue to make some extra bucks. Some of these jobs only require you to be yourself to get paid. 

First, a quick detour to describe what an odd job is.

What are Odd Jobs from Home?

Odd jobs are usually not considered formal work, but they can be a great way to earn extra money on the side or, in some cases,  even make a full-time living. These jobs may be unconventional and often involve manual labor or simple tasks that anyone can do – things like walking dogs, washing cars, doing house chores, etc.

Odd jobs from home are unconventional jobs you can do from anywhere as long as you can access the internet. Many require little to no skill, experience, or investment to get started.

10 Odd Jobs You Can Do from Home

1. Virtual Juror

A virtual juror helps attorneys test their cases before an actual jury trial. In exchange for their input on a matter, virtual jurors may receive anywhere from $20 to $60 per case, depending on the size of the documents involved – and the website they’re serving. 

For this one, you only need to be a U.S. citizen, over 18 years old, and be able to read.

Where to find virtual jury duty:

  • eJury
  • JuryTest
  • JurySignUp

2. Endangered Species Conservation Biologist

As an Endangered Species Conservation Biologist, you would spend some of your time researching species suffering from population declines. Often these species need conservation scientists to help them raise funds for their conservation. 

You may also be responsible for raising funds for conservation projects and preserving endangered species.

Where to find a job:

  • Conservation Job Board
  • Society for Conservation Biology
  • Worldwidelife.org
  • Job boards like Indeed and Flexjobs

3. Telehealth Nurse

A telehealth nurse is a professional who uses telehealth technology to provide healthcare services to patients anywhere. 

To be considered for this position, you must be a registered nurse or certified R.N. and be familiar with telehealth technology. 

Where to find a job:

  • AIM Specialty Health
  • Amerihealth Caritas
  • Healthfirst
  • Q-Centrix
  • Varsity Tutors

4. Veterinary Support Specialist

Human beings are not the only ones who can receive healthcare via the internet. With the help of technologies like teleconferencing, veterinarians can treat pets at home, too, without having to meet them in person. 

This odd online job involves counseling pet parents during emergency telehealth sessions and triaging inbound pet health issues.

Where to find work:

  • Virtual Vocations
  • Indeed
  • Flexjobs
  • Ziprecruiter

5. Mystery Shopper

As a Mystery Shopper, you observe and evaluate websites and report back about browsing experiences, returns procedures, customer service, and general usability.  

For instance, you may be asked to go to a website as a customer, place an order or make a purchase, see how the checkout process works, and then evaluate the company’s website based on your experience.

Where to find a job:

  • Intellishopper
  • BestMark
  • Secret Shopper
  • Market Force

6. Virtual Stylist

Since eCommerce means shoppers must wait for their items to be delivered before they test them, a new opportunity has arisen in the form of online styling services. 

If you have a knack for deciding the right clothing combination and accessorizing an outfit with the right jewelry or shoe, this job may be right for you. You can help online shoppers decide on the right clothes and accessories for their body types and lifestyles while earning some extra money on the side.

Where to find a job:

  • Upwork
  • Gig Worker
  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed

7. Senior Culinary Consultant

A senior culinary consultant works directly with clients to curate and plan their meals,, provide nutritional advice, and more. You must have a nutrition, food management, or hospitality degree and know about food trends and techniques to succeed in this role.

Where to find work:

  • Indeed
  • Simply Hired
  • Jooble
  • Ziprecruiter

8. Fitness Coach

A fitness coach helps clients lose weight, manage weight issues, and adopt healthier lifestyles with tailored programs depending on their needs and goals. In this odd online job, you can use your fitness and nutrition expertise to design programs that suit your clients’ lifestyles and guides them along the way.

Where to find work:

  • Indeed
  • Simply Hired
  • Ziprecruiter

You can also start a YouTube Channel to share videos about fitness routines and other health tips.

7. Meme Master

Do you like memes? Then why not get paid to create them? Use your creative skills to create funny images with a humorous twist for social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter and earn some money.

Where to find a job:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Simply Hired

8. Rented Friend

Believe it or not, this is a thing. You can get paid to “rent” your friendship to people online who want to make their internet experience a little more real by chatting with a person and not an interface. According to one website, you can charge between $10-$50 for keeping someone company for an hour or longer.

There is no qualification to get this gig. You only need your awesome personality, good communication skills, and a webcam.

Where to find this gig:

  • RentAFriend
  • RentaLocalFriend
  • RentaCyberFriend
  • Penpal World
  • Fiverr Friendship
  • College Pirates
  • FriendPC

9. Video Game Tester

If you like video games, you can get paid to play video games and give feedback to developers about bugs and other issues you find in the testing process. Your job involves completing a series of tasks before carrying out the evaluation. 

Game testing companies usually look for gamers fluent in English, know advanced gameplay techniques, and have excellent attention to detail.

Where to find work:

  • Game Testers
  • Bananatic
  • Cash Crate
  • Gaming Jobs Online
  • App Coiner

10. Participate in Online Surveys

And finally, among the underrated remote jobs is participating in online surveys. This odd job doesn’t require any qualifications and pays well if you have patience. You register with certain websites and wait for surveys to come to you via email. 

Take a few minutes to complete the survey and get paid for each completed. You can earn even more money if you sign up with more than one survey site.

Where to find a job:

  • Swagbucks
  • InboxDollars
  • Survey Junkie
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Panel Place
  • LeapForce 

Best Odd Job Apps or Websites

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Turk or MTurk is an online crowdsourcing marketplace where individuals and businesses post HITs or Human Intelligence Tasks that workers complete in exchange for payment via Amazon.

This platform does all kinds of microtasks for as little as $1-$6 per hour. And tons of people make a living with Amazon Turk – mainly because they can focus on one category and build a solid reputation with it.


Fiverr is a marketplace where various freelancers sell digital services starting at $5 per service. Some popular gigs include graphic design, video creation, marketing writing, and virtual assistant jobs

Other cool things on Fiverr include book or product promotion, blog post writing, Facebook promotion, and online research. You can also find odd jobs, including transcription and micro-jobs.


Swagbucks is a popular app for finding odd jobs online. The app works by asking you to perform short tasks in their search bar to earn Swagbucks that you can redeem for gift cards or cash via PayPal.

Depending on your location and other factors, the app pays around $1-$5 per task. Other ways to collect Swagbucks are watching videos and playing games.

With Swagbucks, you can also be involved in “Swagbucks University,” an online quiz game where you earn SB for answering correctly!

Remote Tasks

This simple, straightforward work-from-home site allows you to make money by completing basic tasks remotely. This odd job site has easy requires you to do easy tasks like drawing circles around objects, categorizing objects by colors and size, etc.

Be Part of the Remote Work Revolution

There are many other odd jobs you can do from anywhere that didn’t make it to our list. But this list is a great place to start if you’re interested in exploring odd online jobs. Whenever you choose to earn extra cash, remember that there are legitimate work-from-home jobs for moms, dads, teens, and everyone else.


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