Best Remote Nursing Jobs and Where to Find Them

remote nursing jobs

Perhaps more than any other profession, healthcare felt the pressure of the pandemic. Between caring for covid patients on top of their regular workloads, mass vaccination programs, and the risks to their own health, many nurses are burned out. In the Great Resignation, as many as 30% of nurses looking for other roles.

But what if there was a way you could stay working in nursing but still get a better work-life balance? There are plenty of remote nursing jobs where you can use your clinical or non-clinical nursing experience and make a difference, all without leaving your home.

Work from Home Nursing Jobs

The pandemic showed us all that many things that have traditionally been done face-to-face can now be done remotely. Video conferencing brings people together for conversations, and many secure solutions make them as private as being in a doctor’s office.

So what are some of the remote jobs for nurses?

1.Telephone Triage – average salary $78k per year

With healthcare services under increased demand, one of the most common telehealth nursing jobs from home is triaging patients via telephone. For this role, you use your clinical judgment to understand what a patient is experiencing and determine what the best course of action is.

Who’s hiring?

  • Included Health
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Advocate Aurora Health

2. Case Manager – average salary $90k per year

As a case manager, you will be responsible for patients and coordinate their care. This might ensure that you put referrals in for them or that you make adjustments to their care plan or treatment depending on feedback from the patient and their carers.

Who’s hiring?

  • Prospect Medical Holdings
  • Monge and Associates
  • Nulife by Design

3. Insurance Assessor – average salary $68k per year

Insurance companies need to keep their costs down, and one way of doing that is by making sure that they have been billed correctly. In this role, you would use your experience and knowledge to review invoices and see whether they have been charged correctly.

Who’s hiring?

  • Kindred Healthcare
  • Molina Healthcare
  • Empower AI

4. Clinical Appeals Nurse – average salary $80k per year

On the flip side of the previous job, this role puts you in the patient advocate position. Where an insurance claim has previously been denied, but the claimant has provided new or different information, a clinical appeals nurse will review the material and recommend to the insurance company whether to pay the claim or not.

Who’s hiring?

  • Kindred Healthcare
  • Guidehouse
  • Ameriheath Caritas

5. Nursing Tutor – average salary $70k per year

How do you fancy teaching rather than nursing? You can help shape the next generation of nurses by using your skills and experience for online tutoring. This could be to deliver online courses for a nursing school or university or offer additional tutoring to support students who find the academic side of nurse training difficult.

Who’s hiring?

  • Cambridge Education Group
  • Hondros College of Nursing

6. Exam Evaluator – average salary $150k per year

How about marking papers or exams that students have submitted? It’s a role that uses your skills and experience but has a lot less pressure, as you will just use your knowledge and a marking scheme to fairly mark work by student nurses.

7. Medical Writer – average salary $95k per year

Although not a nursing role per se, your medical knowledge can be invaluable in other ways. Many companies need the support of medical writers with clinical knowledge to ensure that what they say in papers or blog posts is accurate. You could write for a healthcare company or local gym, supporting on research papers, or offering advice in magazines.

Who’s hiring?

  • Piper Companies
  • Biomarin Pharmaceuticals
  • Imedex

8. Legal Nurse Consultant – $90k per year

Usually working as a freelance consultant, a legal nurse consultant supports individuals and companies with cases that involve a medical element. This might be explaining medical treatment or terms to lay people or acting as an expert witness.

9. Consultant Nurse – $90k per year

Could you bring your experience to bear and help organizations improve the care they deliver? Consultancy is one of the high-paying remote nursing jobs. If you’ve spent years in the ER, working on wards, or in a private practice, then your knowledge will be invaluable to other organizations.

Who’s hiring?

  • BRC
  • Arc Healthcare

It isn’t just clinical staff who can use your knowledge, though. What you know can be useful to pharmaceutical companies, supplement manufacturers, fitness instructors, local government, and many more besides.

Who’s hiring?

  • Chartis Group
  • Humana
  • Inland Empire Health Group

What is the Best Website to Find Nursing Jobs?

Looking to find companies that hire nurses to work from home isn’t always easy, especially if you’re new to the world of remote work. You may be used to finding roles through word of mouth or local recruitment agencies, but here are some resources that might help you with your virtual job search.

Remote Nursing Jobs on Facebook

If you’re looking for support and advice on your remote nursing journey then this is the group for you. With around 50 posts a day, you can share your job search experience with others, and get help in return.

Visit the site


Known as one of the biggest listing sites for remote jobs, Flexjobs allows you to filter by keyword or category to identify jobs that you can do from home. At the time of writing there are over 700 vacancies listed.

Visit the site.


The social media site for professionals is a good platform when you’re looking for work, and particularly if you are setting up a consultancy business. It allows you to share your views on topics, and build a presence for yourself as a consultant quickly and easily.

Visit the site.


This company is looking foro RNs with over two years of experience to join their team working in telephone triage. They’re a clinical practice partner that supports institutions all across the USA with this service.

Visit the site.


Another of the giants of the job site world, Indeed allows you to filter for remote only roles, shifts and schedules, and specialty along with all the usual filters like salary, qualification, and location.


What are the best companies for nurses to work for?

According to Indeed, the top three companies to work for are:

  • VHC Health (679 reviews)
  • Cleveland Clinic (3,890 reviews)
  • Kaiser Permanente (12, 362 reviews)

What is the highest paying remote nursing job?

Indeed published a list of the 12 highest-paying remote nursing jobs, which was topped by the role of Informatics Nurse at over $120,000 a year.

What is the most chill nurse job?

Ramussen University pulled together a list of nine low-stress nursing roles which includes the remote roles of nurse educator, nurse administrator, nurse informatics and telehealth nurse.

In what jobs are nurses the happiest?

This list compiled by Holy Family University has the remote nursing jobs of  case management nurse, and nurse educator included.

The Best Remote Nursing Jobs?

Ultimately the idea of which job is ‘best’ is the one which provides you with what you need. That might be the biggest salary, the most flexibility, or the ability to progress. It really depends where you are in your life right now, and where you want to go. We hope that this list has given you a good starting point to look for remote nursing jobs!


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