Best Ladder Desk for Your Home Office

Best ladder desk

Are you thinking about getting a ladder desk for your home office? They’re a stylish and space-saving alternative to the traditional desk that can give you that dedicated working area even when you lack square footage. If you want to choose the best ladder bookshelf desk for your needs, then read on – we have tips and recommendations for you!

What is a ladder desk?

Ladder desks are also called leaning desks, or leaning shelved with desk – that doesn’t mean you lean to use them, but that they lean against the wall as a ladder would. They’re a variation on ladder shelves, but rather than just giving you space to store books or nicknacks, they have a wider platform that can act as a desk.

They come in different styles; a ladder computer desk has space for a desktop or laptop computer or a ladder bookcase desk which gives more priority to storage space.

Best Ladder Desk for Working from Home

We’ve done the legwork for you and selected some candidates for the best ladder desks for your use in a suitable workplace. Take a look through the list and see what you think.

1. Hoobro Ladder Computer Desk

Hoobro ladder desk
Source: Amazon

With an industrial style and rustic wood finish, this is an ideal choice for smaller spaces. Compared to regular oak ladder desks, this model adopts a minimalist style for modern home offices.

Main characteristics:

  • Size: 18.9″D x 27.6″W x 72.8″H
  • Weight: 23.59 lbs
  • Material: Engineered wood and metal

2. 2-Tier Ladder Desk

2-tier ladder desk
Source: Amazon

With an industrial style and rustic wood finish, this wooden ladder desk is an ideal choice for smaller spaces.

Main characteristics:

  • Size: 19.7 x 31.5 x 55.1 inches
  • Weight: 32.8 lbs
  • Material: PD, Metal

3. Rolanstar Computer Desk with Shelf

Rolanstar computer desk
Source: Amazon

This black ladder desk has a sturdy metal frame. The shelves and desktops are made from fibreboard with water and scratchproof coating.

The Rolanstar adjustable ladder desk is one of the most efficient for junior or young remote employees’ offices.

Main characteristics:

  • Size: 31.5L*19.7W*72.4H
  • Weight: 34.6 lbs
  • Material: Particle Board, Metal

4. Benzara Contemporary Style Desk

Benzara ladder desk
Source: Amazon

Constructed from solid wood, this ladder desk with shelves has generous storage space including a drawer.

Main characteristics:

  • Size: 21.75″D x 33.5″W x 61″H
  • Weight: 78.26 lbs
  • Material: Wood

5. Simplihome Aleck Home Office Desk

Simplihome ladder desk

Crafted from pine and engineered wood and stained dark brown, this ladder desk with storage is stylish and has two drawers – requires fixing to the wall.

Main characteristics:

  • Size: 23″ D x 36″ W x 52″ H
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Material: Pine and Engineered Wood

6. Industrial Style Laptop Desk

Industrial style laptop
Source: Amazon

No lean to this desk, but it is attached to the wall to give a ‘floating shelf’ design that includes a generous workspace.

Main characteristics:

  • Size: 38.25 x 15 x 4.75 inches
  • Weight: 33.2 lbs
  • Material: Wood and metal pipe

7. Monarch Specialities Ladder Desk

Monarch specialities ladder desk
Source: Amazon

Finished in white, this is a fantastic corner ladder desk since it provides three storage shelves and a workspace, two narrow shelves above.

This white ladder desk also includes one generously sized shelve below the main one, to keep bigger decorations or boxes.

Main characteristics:

  • Size: 26″D x 19″W x 61″H
  • Weight: 33.2 lbs
  • Material: Wood

8. C-Hopetree Ladder Style Desk

A cheaper option that will suit anyone looking for a ladder shelf desk on a budget. With a tubular steel frame and wood laminate shelves, it has a clean modern design.

Main characteristics:

  • Size: 29.1″D x 18.9″W x 57.5″H
  • Weight: 49.5 lbs
  • Material: Laminate, metal

9. Maikailun White and Gold Desk

Maikailun ladder desk
Source: Amazon

Add a sense of opulence to your home office with this ladder table, finished in gold and white. Securely attached to the wall for the floating style. This ladder desk is another non-leaning style. Two shelves and a worktop allow you to bring the ladder look without a huge price tag.

Main characteristics:

  • Size: 20″D x 36″W x 81″H
  • Weight: 33.3 lbs
  • Material: Metal and wood

10. Haoation Modern Ladder Bookcase Desk

Haoation ladder desk
Source: Amazon

This stunning white bookcase includes a slide-out shelf wide enough for a laptop which can also be folded up and used as a memo board.

Main characteristics:

  • Size: W25.20 x D18.90 x H62.99inch
  • Weight: 39.7 lbs
  • Material: MDF

11. Qeeig Gold Wall-mounted Desk y

Qeeig ladder desk
Source: Amazon

Two storage shelves and a laptop shelf make up this wall-mounted ladder desk is suspended from the wall and finished in white and gold. So even though it’s not a bamboo ladder desk, this one is quite more stylish and fancy for feminine home offices.

Main characteristics:

  • Size: 48.5”H x 30”W
  • Weight: 29.1 lbs
  • Material: MDF, Alloy Steel

12. SpringSun 2-Tier Ladder Computer Desk

Springsun 2-tier desk
Source: Amazon

Considered one of the best ladder desks with a metal frame that supports a generous desktop space. It has a storage shelf above in this two-shelf unit.

Main characteristics:

  • Size: 18.1″D x 28″W x 57.5″H
  • Weight: 21.16 lbs
  • Material: Engineered Wood

13. Walker Edison Freya Urban Industrial Ladder Desk

Source: Amazon

With a metal magnet board, this ladder desk is very modern in design. It includes three storage shelves including the desk space. It supports up to 100 lbs.

Main characteristics:

  • Size: 36 inches
  • Weight: Not stated
  • Shape: Rectangular

14. QEEIG Grey Floating Shelves and Ladder Desk Bundle

Source: Amazon

With two dark gray floating shelves, this ladder desk is very modern in design. It includes Enhanced metal brackets matched with precise screws.

Main characteristics:

  • Size: 30”L x 11.8”W
  • Weight: Not stated
  • Material: Wood

15. Safavieh Home Collection Leaning/Ladder Desk

Source: Amazon

With a natural charcoal finish, this ladder desk is very modern in design. It includes four storage shelves in addition to the desk space.

Main characteristics:

  • Size:18.9″D x 28″W x 76.9″H
  • Weight: Not stated
  • Material: Manufactured wood and metal

The Best Ladder Desk for You

As you can see, the best ladder desk comes in a variety of styles and finishes, with a choice to fit most aesthetics and price tags. Remember our top tips when choosing to make sure that you get the right one for your home office. 


How much space do you have?

Look at the footprint of the desk to see if it will fit in the space available – don’t forget to leave space for your chair. Choose a small ladder desk, or narrow ladder desk, if you have limited room.

What are you putting on it?

This will help you choose the right size desktop but also ensure that the leaning ladder desk can carry the weight required. As a guide, a laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc., will probably weigh around 30 pounds so allow a few more for coffee cups, notebooks, etc.


These desks are more of a design choice than your standard desk, so it’s worth keeping looks in mind and choosing a style that works well with your other decor.


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