Best Immediate Hire Work-from-Home Jobs in 2021

immediate hires

We have an emergency! A new team member is needed right now, and there’s no time to waste! 

Sometimes, companies need immediate hires to fill in a specific position. Whether it’s because the previous employee quit or was fired, businesses need to immediately employ a new team member. Other times it may be related to a recent vacancy the company created, and needs instant attention. 

Immediate hire jobs are usually published on worldwide platforms specially dedicated to job search, like LinkedIn or Indeed. Employers post them when they require a position filled right away. 

The interviews and hiring processes for immediate hire jobs tend to be more expedited and detailed than those for less pressing positions. And don’t start complaining about this! Instead, imagine how hard it can be for employers to know if you are genuinely qualified for the – hopefully – perdurable position in just a few interviews. 

What Should You Know about Immediate Hiring Jobs? 

When you face an immediate job interview, avoid wasting your time on the practice of frequent questions, like: ‘why do you want to work for this company?’, or ‘why should we hire you?’. Instead, prepare some good answers for: 

  • What should I know that it’s not on your resume? 
  • What do you think we could do better or differently?
  • Sell me this pen (a classic for Marketing hires)
  • What would your first 30, 60, or 90 days look like in this role? 
  • How do you like to be managed? 

With these on your mind, you’ll reach excellent results! 

How Can You Find Immediate Hire Jobs?

Are these jobs elusive? Are they a scam? If they are hiring all the time, they can’t be legit, right?

Some of these questions may pop up in your mind while you are doing the research. You always run the risk on the internet, mainly when you include personal information. To make sure they are legit, search in trusted and recognized platforms or websites; many companies regularly post immediate work hires on them. 

Maybe you receive them by a word-of-mouth referral from a friend or acquaintance, or you just researched on Google for “immediate hire jobs,” and you got an infinity of results. The good news is they are everywhere, and there are millions of ways you can reach them. Another effective way is to modify your search terms on a job to include phrases like “immediate hire,” “an immediate need,” or “ immediate start.”

But before you get into the research for an immediate remote job, let’s clear some things up. First, you’ll still need to go through the whole hiring process and let’s face it, that can take some time. So keep these in mind: 

  • You’ll still have to go through the application process.
  • The company will review your documents before any answer.
  • Maybe you’ll be accepted for an interview, maybe not. But don’t panic; companies rejected us all, at least once.

Though several companies had to reduce their staff or positions during the pandemic in 2020,  the increase of remote work grew significantly, and immediate hire jobs became more required by worldwide companies. According to a FlexJob survey, 65% of respondents reported they hope to be full-time remote employees post-pandemic, and 31% wish for a hybrid remote work environment. That’s 96% who want some form of remote work for the future! 

What Are the Best Immediate Hire Work-from-Home Jobs in 2021? 

In general, companies with a high volume of employees are in constant need of immediate hires. They may also be businesses that consist of urgent, day-to-day duties that cannot go unfilled for very long, especially customer-facing positions. But the most frequently demanded immediate hires are sales, marketing, customer success, and software developers positions. 

1. Remote Sales Job

Sales representatives are the main point of contact between a business and its customers. These have to ensure that current customers experience the right products and services, identify new markets, customer leads and pitch prospective customers. 

Whether it’s remote or in-office, a sales job will always require several responsibilities. 

There are a lot of responsibilities you’ll have with this job. But, if you are interested in applying for an immediate hire remote sales position, you may want to keep these four essentials in mind for your interview: 

  • Explore your communication skills: ales are all about communication. In attempting to show a prospective customer the value of the product or service you offer, you’ll have to effectively communicate the function, purpose, and perks that come along with whatever you are offering. 
  • Your public speaking skills are a must: You’ll probably need to give sales presentations to promote your product periodically, so the way you talk to customers and the words you use have to be selected strategically. And keep this in mind, your public speaking for events should vary from the one you need when interacting with one-on-one conversations.
  • Negotiation skills: You can’t have these out of sight. In the world of sales, you’ll always have customers interested in a product yet not willing to purchase it for the given price. So it’s good you learn how to build the value of the product. 
  • Always remain organized. It’s essential to establish an effective workflow system. First, you’ll need to organize the materials for the presentations you give, and then you’ll have to manage the lecture (communicative format through which you inform your audience). 

2. Remote Content Developers Job

Nowadays, Google is overwhelmed. The platform is busy releasing more and more new content every day. So who can the website and e-commerce owners rely on? And that’s where content developers appear on the scene. 

Habits are tough to change but not impossible, and those who enjoyed creating content as a team had to adapt to new remote modalities. But the bright side is that the content developers were already remote! 

Content developers assist the marketing campaign of a business to increase communication, audience, and engagement. They are responsible for scheduling and planning which content is released and when. If companies don’t want to end up on page two of Google, SEO strategies will be vital for a content developer to manage and become visible to their audience. And digital marketers always joke about this: “The best place to hide a body is page two of Google search results.”

Content writers will focus on catching the reader’s attention, but to become a relevant topic for Google, content developers will be in charge. Each piece of content represents the company and targets the selected audience. So, to develop this position, you may want to take care of these: 

  • Static copies
  • Images
  • Video content
  • Podcasts 

An immediate hire content developer position will include a wide range of tasks, so remember, to improve your performance, it’s indispensable you have a background in programming or software development, aside from copywriting and quality assurance. With these on your resume, there’s no way you’ll fail! 

3. Remote Software Developer Job

Software developers analyze users’ needs and start designing, testing, and developing software to meet those needs. Whether programs are new or already existing, these developers will focus on their implementation and management by testing and evaluating.

As a software developer working from home, you’ll need excellent coding skills, determining operational practicality, and deploying software tools, processes, and metrics. Unfortunately, to become a software developer, you’ll probably need a degree or some technical background to gain the role. These would be particularly advantageous:

  • Computer Science
  • Software Programming and Development
  • Engineering 
  • Mathematics
  • Electronics
  • Physics

I know you are probably panicking right now because I mentioned “Mathematics” as a requirement. The truth is, though most software engineering positions don’t require math for their tasks, it certainly will not hurt you to have a background in it. There may not be much directly transferable information between math classes and typical software engineering activities. Still, the processes of learning and doing the math will help you build critical problem-solving skills.

4. Remote Customer Success Job

Do you know the phrase “happy clients are the best advertising money can’t buy”? 

If you are into the marketing world, you’ve probably heard it before, but if you are hoping to become a Customer Success Manager, you better stick it to your brain because you won’t be able to forget it. 

Customer Success Managers are responsible for developing customer relationships that promote retention and loyalty. The job is to work closely with customers to ensure they are satisfied with the products and services they receive and improve dissatisfaction areas.

Customer Success departments are relatively new and are used mainly in technical companies. However, this position is commonly required as an immediate hire work-from-home job since they provide technical support to customers to keep them satisfied. They also supervise results to report to business managers, and these results tend to pop up as urgencies in companies. 

Moreover, try to avoid getting stuck on the skills you’ll need to become a Customer Success remote team member. If a company hires you for this position, you’ll quickly develop yourself if you have these in mind:.‘’

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, especially Excel and PowerPoint
  • Knowledge of customer service practices
  • Technical aptitude and ability to learn software programs
  • Experience supervising others

How To Find Immediate Work-from-Home Jobs? 

There will undoubtedly be a point in your career where you may need to find an immediate job, and finding one in a few days can be a challenging process. But it’s all about the effort you put into it. 

Here you have some platforms that’ll help you find millions of immediate hire working-from-home jobs: 

  • We Work Remotely: the largest remote work community in the world. With over 3 million visitors, the site is the number one destination to find and list incredible remote jobs.
  • LinkedIn: a community for professionals. You’ll be able to apply for a job directly from the platform. One simply has to type in the job type in the search bar – in this case, “immediate hire remote work” – and filter through the vacancies. 
  • DistantJob: a global headhunter of remote developers. They search for exceptional full-time remote talent that matches the company’s values and culture. 
  • Remotive: based on trust and faith in the tech industry’s future, their mission is to help tech professionals go remote.
  • Upwork: this platform connects employees and employers. By pitching to posts by clients, you can apply to thousands of vacancies at a time. This one is great for immediate hire research..

Ready to Get Hired? 

You are ready to find the perfect immediate hire work-from-home position now. Don’t be afraid to fail; you have the tools to improve. 

Learning how to optimize your job search can help you speed up the application process, so remember to find a job that fits your qualifications. Make a list of your job experiences, education, and skills. Then, look for a position that is in your desired field or industry. 

Remember to update your resume. Recruiters can scan a resume in just a few seconds, so optimize each cover letter and resume you submit if you pretend to gain their attention immediately. And keep these brief, easy to read, and memorable for the hiring manager. And ask for help from your network. Finally, talk to the people in your field through email or social media. Communication will be the key to expanding your job search.

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