10 Ways To Make Money While Traveling

How to make money while traveling

Digital nomadism is appealing. But making money while traveling, having a carefully budgeted expenditure, and maintaining a balance between leisure and work can take time and effort.

So without further ado, let’s dive into ways to make money while traveling. In this article, we’ve broadly divided job opportunities into “skill-oriented jobs” and “passive income opportunities.” We have also made a list of apps to help you make extra cash while traveling. 

10 Ways To Make Money While Traveling

Skill Oriented Jobs

1.    Graphic Designing

The demand for graphic designers is on the rise. From designing thumbnails for YouTube videos to creating infographics for news websites, graphic designers are needed everywhere.

If you have an in-depth understanding of industry-standard software like InDesign or Adobe Illustrator, consider becoming a graphic designer.

Why become a graphic designer while traveling?

  • Most graphic designers can work from anywhere. All you need is a good laptop, a stable internet connection, and the willingness to work while traveling.

Average full-time salary: $52,000/year (Glassdoor)

Where can you find opportunities?

2.    Content Writing

Content writing may be your job if you’re interested in researching topics, brainstorming ideas, and putting them together in articles. If you want to become a web content writer, understanding SEO basics is a must.

Why become a content writer while traveling?

  • Content writing is a location-independent job. You can work from any place that assists you with brainstorming ideas and creatively putting them on the keyboard.
  • Collaboration with SEO specialists and editors is easy and does not require complex software.

Average full-time salary: $43,000/year (Glassdoor)

Where can you find opportunities?

  • Job boards like Problogger, Upwork, and Fiverr can be good places to start your freelancing journey to earn real money.
  • You can also apply on websites like Indeed and LinkedIn. Remember to have a portfolio ready when you apply for a job anywhere.

3.    Photography

The best part about traveling is that you get to see new places every day. Most often, these places are picturesque and photo-worthy. Why not capitalize on this opportunity and become a photographer? You can either sell your good pictures to well-known stock photo websites or sell them to collectors.

Why become a photographer while traveling?

  • Photography can become a good side hustle if you’re a traveler with a good camera and an eye for suitable locations.
  • The demand for stock photos is on the rise.

Average salary: $49,000/year

Where can you find opportunities?

4.    Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you schedule meetings, write emails, write articles, do graphic design, and much more. It is a generalist role and allows you to don multiple hats. Knowledge of SEO and industry-standard applications like Illustrator and InDesign is always a plus.

Why become a virtual assistant while traveling?

  • To become a virtual assistant, you only need a laptop and a stable internet connection, apart from, of course, the skills.

Average salary: $59,000/year (Ziprecruiter)

Where can you find the opportunities?

  • You can find gigs on websites like Upwork and Fiverr. You can also send cold emails to prospective clients.

5.    Video Editor

With the rise in YouTube channels and OTT platforms, the demand for Video editors is fast increasing. You can work in various sectors like entertainment, education, or even the infotainment space. However, to become a video editor, knowledge of working in industry standard applications like Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects is a must.

Why become a video editor while traveling?

  • You can do video editing on the move. But it requires a high-performance laptop, a stable internet connection, and skills.
  • Collaboration between editors can be done without hassle, as many cloud-based tools are available.

Average Salary: $68,000/ year (Glassdoor)

Where can you find opportunities?

Check out Upwork, Fiverr, or LinkedIn for some fantastic opportunities.

6.    Captioner

As a captioner, you’ll be responsible for transcribing audio-visual data from videos. If you can type fast and put words and actions into words, this is the job for you. It would be best if you also were empathetic to persons with hearing disabilities, as captions can help them understand movies, videos, and documentaries.

Why become a captioner while traveling?

  • Captioners usually have time and location independence when they work. With communication tools like slack and zoom, collaborations with others in the team become easier.

Average salary: $52,000/year (Glassdoor)

Where can you find opportunities?

You can find freelance opportunities on websites like Upwork.

Passive Income Opportunities

7.    Index Mutual Funds

Index mutual funds are like regular mutual funds but linked to a particular market index like NASDAQ-100 or Dow Jones.

Can it be done while traveling?

Yes, investing in index mutual funds monthly does not require active attention. All you need to do is download apps that allow you to invest in these financial instruments and sign up for them. Most apps have a feature to auto-debit the required amount from your bank account.

Why should you do it?

The returns you obtain from these financial instruments keep you ahead of inflation.

8.    Non-Cumulative Fixed Deposits (FD)

Non-cumulative FDs are like regular FDs; The difference, however, lies in how you get back the interest amount. In a non-cumulative FD, you get the interest amount monthly/ at regular intervals. In a normal FD, on the other hand, you only get the interest amount along with the principal upon maturation.

Can it be done while traveling?

Yes, with banks and NBFCs performing most of their functions online, you can easily participate in the FD scheme when you’re moving. Moreover, it does not require your active attention.

Why should you do it?

It provides a regular side income in addition to your primary income. It also helps you beat inflation.

9.    Dividend Stocks

When a company goes public, you can buy parts of its equity as shares. These shares give you returns when the company makes a profit in the form of dividends.

Can it be done while traveling?

Yes, buying dividend stocks does not take much time. The returns that you get are automatically deposited into your account.

Why should you do it?

Investing in a good company can earn you some regular income.

10. Invest In REITs

REITs/ Real Estate Investment Trusts let you invest in real estate properties. The best part about this is that you reap the returns in the real estate market without actually bothering about tenant issues, depreciation, etc.

Can it be done while traveling?

Investing in REITs is similar to investing in stocks of companies. It can be done over the internet regularly and does not require your active attention.

Why should you invest in REITs?

Unlike physical real estate properties, REITs can save you the cost of maintenance, depreciation, and tenant issues.

3 Apps That Can Help You Make Money While Traveling

1.   Foap

This app allows you to sell your travel photos to big companies like Heiniken, Garnier, etc., for their digital marketing efforts.

2.   Roadie

If you’re traveling in the US, this app allows you to use that extra space in your trunk to transport goods from one place to another. You can earn anywhere from $10 for short distances to over $600 for long distances.

3.   Airmule

If by any luck, you have space left on your check-in luggage, you can use this app to transport someone else’s cargo in exchange for some money. On the app, you’ll earn up to $40 for 5 pounds and $6 for every additional pound.

Final Thoughts

The remote work revolution has fueled digital nomadism. As appealing as it may seem, it may sometimes be expensive. Here’s when having a regular source of additional income can be beneficial.


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