FTLife: New Co-working Space Concept 

co-working space concept hong kong

FTLife Insurance Company Limited’s (FTLife) launches a new co-working space concept. 

The growing trend around flexible workplaces is leading to new business solutions to improve people’s work-life balance. So, K11 ATELIER will become home to a 10,000 sq ft multi-functional space. And the collaborative hub is called “The GalaMuse”. 

In the heart of Hong Kong‘s Tsim Sha Tsui, the space will be a hub for digital nomads and remote workers seeking a professional environment to network and grow. The facility includes five multi-purpose zones. In addition, interactive, experiential activities create a collaborative hub for members. 

The five zones at the core of the co-working space concept include: 

  • Reality Hall (exhibition zone)
  • Life Stage (multi-functional co-working and event zone)
  • Digital Space (VR Cave)
  • Jade Lounge
  • Private meeting rooms

so, the scope is to create an innovative and inspirational workplace to foster networking and cross-industry collaboration. 

First, the Reality Hall will host exhibitions and workshops for businesses and individuals. Second, the Life Stage will host events to develop entrepreneurial careers, expand the insurance team, and provide professional training. Third, Digital Space provides virtual reality (VR) devices for meetings and promotional events. Fourth, the Jade Lounge offers a panoramic view of Victoria Harbor. Finally, private meeting rooms provide high-tech equipment for professional meetings with team members and clients. 

To conclude, this new co-working space concept represents the growing tendency towards flexible work workplaces and arrangements. 

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