New 2022 High For Flexible Space Demand

flexible space demand

Flexible space demand will hit a new high in 2022. Most companies opt for remote and hybrid models worldwide. So, professionals seek alternative workplaces

According to recent data, demand for workplaces increased from 36.000 seats in 2020 to 55.000 in 2021. As a result, co-working providers and operators expect to double these numbers in 2022. 

After the pandemic, flexibility is a top priority for employees and employers. According to Cushman & Wakefield, flexibility and workplace strategy have been hot topics since 2021. As a result, flexible space demand is increasing worldwide.

With the rise of hybrid arrangements, most people want a stable place to work from home. For this reason, flexible space providers saw a constant increase in requests in the last 12-18.

As managing director Cushman & Wakefield, Badal Yagnik, said: “We expect demand to remain robust in 2022, in line with the rise of productivity as a service in the enterprise flex model. Besides productivity, continued and growing preference for capex light/shortterm space solutions that are in line with core plus flex strategies suggests that demand could hit a new record in 2022.”

Especially in the MENA area, companies invest to exploit this new trend. For example, Simpliwork will invest RS650 crore by 2023 to follow the flexible space demand. Among others, WeWork (India) and Awfis are raising funds.

As employers and employees become more aware of remote work benefits, flexible space demand increases opening new business opportunities worldwide. 


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