Honk Kong: Membership Pass For A Network of Co-working Spaces And Shared Offices

a network of co-working spaces and shared offices

After the global pandemic, Honk Kong saw a massive increase in remote work requests. As a result, MilkGarage launches a new membership pass to access a network of co-working spaces and shared offices. The pass allows the entrance in 28 shared office facilities across the city.

After the massive shift to remote work, Hong Kong office vacancy rates record an increase of 7.5% higher compared to the last 15-year. For both employers and employees, shared offices and co-working spaces are becoming a better option. MilkGarage jumped into this new trend. The platform launched a membership program to access a network of co-working spaces and shared offices.   

As Wu Fangyu, founder and chief executive of MilkGarage, said: “We will definitely get more than 30 locations by the end of the year, and we are trying to spread to as many MTR stations as possible as we see that working from everywhere is no longer a trend, but a fact.”

New Membership Pass For A Network of Co-working Spaces And Shared Offices

MilkGarage was founded in 2019 after the network recorded a peak with the shared office space sector between 2016 and 2018. In two and a half years, MilkGarage had joint forces with big operators such as theDesk in seven Hong Kong stations and Singapore-based The Great Room, which offers 24,000 square feet of co-working space in Swire’s Grade A office block, One Taikoo Place.

Thanks to the MilkGarage membership program, members pay around HK$12,000 a year to access any flexible working space in the network. Meanwhile, other landlords are adjusting to this new trend: 

  • Hongkong Land opened Centricity Flex, 25,000 square feet, on the Landmark Edinburgh Tower on Queen’s Road Central.
  • Swire Properties will add working spaces in its Two Taikoo Place commercial property in Quarry Bay in 2022.

Hong Kong already has the third-highest number of co-working spaces in the world. After the boost of the global pandemic, the city with co-working spaces and shared offices to new remote work habits. 


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