How to Get Google Remote Jobs 

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If you are wondering, ‘can I work remotely for Google?’ the answer is yes! After the pandemic, even tech giants like Google accepted remote and hybrid arrangements. 

Google is a leading company, and the application process is rigorous and competitive. However, nothing is impossible with the right resume. So, let’s go over 4 simple steps to get a Google remote job to grow your skills and boost your remote career. 

How Can I Get Hired on Google?

Looking for remote jobs at Google can be overwhelming and frustrating. Competition is very high, and it’s hard to think of ideas to stand out from millions of candidates. 

But how people say, well begun is half done. So, let’s break down 4 steps to get a Google remote job: 

Draft Your Motivation Letter 

The first thing to do when applying for a job is to draft your motivational letter. Especially for entry-level Google jobs, it’s important to highlight your motivation and why you are determined to pursue a career with a global and demanding company. 

At this stage, the focal point should be isolating what makes you different from other candidates. And list how your experience and work ethic resonates with the company. Specifically, focus on:

  • What you would like to achieve growing skills specializing in the work area you are applying for and if there is any project you would like to get involved in. 
  • Why are you interested in a remote position, and how a flexible work schedule would benefit your performance and attitude to the job. 
  • Lastly, why do you want to pursue a Google remote career? For example, one of the company’s missions is to build information infrastructure worldwide. Find what your experience and work ethic match their philosophy, highlighting how you would like to contribute to their general mission.

When you find the position you want to apply for, you can twist the text based on specific requirements and the application process without forgetting your core motivations.

Upload Your CV 

The second step is to update your CV for Google job remote. Especially applying for this type of company, it’s essential to build a well-written and accurate resume including only relevant information. 

Keep it simple and concise instead of overwriting. Companies like Google receive thousands of applications every day. So, keep it brief, go straight to the point, and use the space you have to showcase your experience. 

If you already have a resume, it’s essential to adjust your experience and skills to match remote requirements and position demands:

  • Add ‘Remote’ as the location 
  • Match keywords in the job description to keep your summary concise  
  • Re-write your description to highlight your motivations to work remotely and for a global tech company 
  • Highlight experience in virtual work environments 
  • Structure your skills to match the position requirement and highlight your attitude toward distributed teams 

If you need to create your remote C.V. from scratch, here are a few things to consider before starting:

  • Create a clear and reader-friendly design 
  • List qualities that make you an ideal remote team member
  • Mention side activities to show your personality 
  • Keep description in bullet points and focus on your skill set 

Send Your Online Application

The third step is to find the perfect Google remote job for you. The company provides a useful career search tool to help you narrow your research. On the page, you can select: 

  • Remote or on-site positions
  • Skills and qualifications
  • Type of organization
  • Skills and qualification
  • Degrees 

Especially for entry-level jobs at Google, this tool helps you target the right position for you and focus on fewer applications. After creating an account, you can easily add your resume, work experience, and motivational letter. 

Keep in mind that some positions don’t have a deadline and are open on a rolling basis. So, don’t stop trying if the first applications don’t go through! 

💡 Note: Google is not the only option, if you want to work for another great company for remote, you can check our ranking of Best 100 Places to Work for Remote.

Prepare for the Virtual Interview

Even if you don’t get selected, exercising and preparing for online interviews is good practice. So, the last step is to make sure to have:

  • A short presentation about skills and experience
  • Research current projects to mention specific things you would like to work on 
  • Think about Google’s mission and why you would like to work with them or one of their organizations 

According to Google careers, their hiring process includes in-depth interviews to know their candidates. Especially for entry-level Google jobs, a virtual interview is your chance to show your personality and motivation for the job. So, make sure you get prepared in case you are selected!   

Which Types of Google Remote Jobs Can I Apply For?

Google offers infinite possibilities. In different fields and organizations, you can apply for marketing, software development, or bioethics positions. As one of the most innovative and dynamic companies in the tech field, new jobs and opportunities come up more frequently than you think. 

Here are some examples of opening positions from the most common job search platforms:

Program Manager, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Google Recruiting

USA (Remote) – $116,000 – $125,000/bonus/equity/benefits

Promoting innovative technologies, the Google Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Program Manager focuses on designing, executing, and iteration of an equitable and inclusive hiring strategy within the company.

Senior Software Engineer, Google Assistant

USA (Remote) – $168,000 – $181,000/bonus/equity/benefits

You can work on different software and web development projects depending on the organization. 

Senior UX Writer and Content Designer, Google Ads

USA (Remote) – $142,000 – $152,000/bonus/equity/benefits

Positions as a User Experience writer means working to improve Google design and providing the best experience to users. With this type of position, you can get involved in several projects and departments to ensure a unified voice across products and platforms. 

FAQ around Remote Google Jobs 

Where can I find Google remote jobs?

The first page to look at is Google career. You can select organizations and expertise to narrow down your research. However, if you have been working for a few years, Linkedin is also a good option to find remote opportunities and have an overview of salaries and benefits. Finally, Indeed and Glassdoor are two good options, especially for software engineering and web development. 

Can I apply for multiple Google jobs at the same time?

According to Google policy, you can send your CV – and personal video presentations for internships and new graduates – for three job openings within a rolling 30-day window. Further, if you get selected for the interview but don’t get the job, you need to wait 1 year before applying again. 

Where can I find technical classes to prepare for technical interviews?

Google careers provide a comprehensive guide on technical development that can help you determine which preparation you need for technical interviews at Google. 

Does Google let you know if the position is filled?

It always depends on the position. If you don’t hear anything back for two months, it’s safe to think that the office selected another candidate.

Is it hard to get hired by Google?

Yes. Google is a leading global company running top leading projects in numerous fields. However, difficult doesn’t mean impossible!  

To Wrap Up On Google Remote Jobs

To recap, remote careers at Google are possible. But you need to work on your resume and motivational letter to make it happen!

So, get on your laptop, look what’s around and start working on your resume and motivational letter. Looking for a job can take some time – even more if we are talking about Google jobs remote. However, that’s never a good excuse to give up. And you will never know which door will open for you if you don’t keep trying! 


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