9 Free Website Blocker Apps Every Remote Worker Needs

Website Blocker Apps

Have you ever opened your laptop, ready to accomplish great things, only to find yourself watching someone’s Instagram reels or scrolling through news sites? 

Do you stop to think, “how did I end up here?” as you click on another meme?

Don´t worry; we´ve all been there. Staying focused on one task is difficult when distractions are everywhere.  But this is where free website blocker apps come in. They ensure that you do not have to rely on your feeble willpower to remain focused on your tasks by removing all your distractions. 

Let’s dive into effective free website blocker apps for remote workers

Top Free Website Blocker Apps For Remote Workers 

1. Freedom

Freedom allows you to block apps, as well as any distracting websites, across all your devices. You even have the option of blocking off all social media websites on the internet!

One of the best things about this app is its effectiveness. For example, if you choose to block Facebook from your phone, Freedom will not let you browse the website from your tablet or laptop either!

As a result, you will have a distraction-free environment to get the job done!

2. RescueTime

RescueTime aims to help you work on your time management skills. The app will ask your permission to delve into all your data and analyze the amount of time spent on different sites. Then, it will generate a report with tips to ensure that you manage your time better. 

At the end of every day, the app will provide you with a Productivity Pulse score. This percentage will tell you the amount of time you spend accomplishing productive tasks. 

3. Serene

Serene encourages you to set daily goals for yourself and then strives to help you achieve them. It helps you prioritize tasks by breaking up your day into distraction-free sessions. 

A timer will start with a single button click, and soothing music will be played while all distracting apps are shut down. Getting distracted is almost impossible with this app.  

4. Y-Productive

Y-Productive is a  productivity application that keeps a record of the amount of time you spend working. It tracks all your distractions and allows you to block them out whenever you want. 

According to the makers of the app, an average person gets distracted around 40 times a day. However, research has proven that this number is significantly higher in today’s world because of increased exposure to technology.

Y-Productive guarantees to make you into a more productive remote worker in just a couple of days. It can do so by pinpointing the apps that distract you the most and removing them from your work day. Thus, it is one of the top free website blocker apps out there.

5. Forest

Forest is one of the best free website blocker apps, simply for the fact that it encourages you to plant trees virtually to prevent you from scrolling through social media websites. This only takes a single click, allowing you to channel your time into something positive.

This app has been around for a long time, which is why it is well-versed in the behavior of its target market. It does not block any distracting apps, but rather gives you a nudge to put your phone down and get back to work. 

6. Anti-Social

If you are a phone addict or a data nerd, then Anti-Social is the app designed especially for you. It helps block your access to distracting apps and websites and collect useful insights. 

One of the best things about this app is that it involves a little bit of gamification to make things interesting. You are not just refraining from distractions but competing with your friends to stay productive. 

As the name suggests, the app encourages you to be more anti-social and spend less time on social media as compared to your peers. 

7. Cold Turkey Blocker

A customizable app for all, Cold Turkey Blocker allows you to create a list of apps and websites that you want to block. It also provides an option to set a schedule and block distracting apps for specific time periods. 

Similarly, once the workday has ended, Cold Turkey Blocker will help you block work-related apps. It is all up to you!

8. SelfControl

One of the primary reasons SelfControl stands out in free website blocker apps is because of the many protocols it has in place for unblocking distractions. This is an advantage for you if you are someone who changes their minds once they start blocking or have feeble willpower. 

SelfControl is truly a nuclear option where blocking apps and websites are concerned. You can try rebooting your system or closing the app, but nothing will prevent SelfControl from helping you be productive. 

9. Friday

Friday has various benefits for remote workers, which of course, includes an advanced feature to block distracting apps and websites. It also connects directly to its planner, which can help you track your daily meetings, join online meetings, and set a to-do list.

The app has another excellent feature, which lets you integrate your frequently used collaboration tools into its planner. 

Be Productive With Free Website Blocker Apps

You cannot do your best work without being focused. While willpower can help you get things started, distracting apps and websites can cause you to stray from your path. This is why you need the best free website blocker apps in your arsenal. 

Not only do these free up your time, but they allow you to pay attention to stuff that actually matters. You can always watch your precious cat videos after work.

So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to try out one of the top website blocker apps given above and be an outstanding remote worker!


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